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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's the Superman Almanac for Windows Phone

While the World Premier of "The Man of Steel" was earlier this week, many will be heading to see the latest Superman installment this weekend. If you need to hone up on your Superman knowledge the Superman Almanac for your Windows Phone that might come in handy.

For those with Lumia Windows Phones you have the exclusive Man of Steel app from Nokia that not only highlights the movie but also touches on the history behind Superman.  The Superman Almanac is from the developers of the Star Wars and Star Trek Almanacs and approaches things from more of a reference point of view.

The app has a ton of information on the Superman universe from full episodes from the 1940's animated series to biographies on your favorite characters. The Superman Almanac is a very inviting Windows Phone reference app.

The layout of the Superman Almanac is fairly straight forward with pages highlighting featured characters, a page listing the sections (currently only people) of the almanac, recently updated characters, the most popular characters, seldom seen characters and Superman videos.

Each character page will have, depending on the level of information available, pages detailing their biography, attributes, photos, and videos. The image galleries with Superman Almanac are rather nice but unfortunately you can't save them locally to use as wallpapers. You could capture a screen shot but with the app being ad-supported, that kinda messes things up.

The Superman Almanac does have a decent level of information on the Superman heroes, villains and friends. It's got a little elbow room for growth but as is the Superman Almanac is a nice foundation for those interested in the Superman universe.

The Superman Almanac is a free, ad supported app for your Windows Phone 8 and 7.x device that you can find here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.  

Oh... want to take the Superman Almanac along on your Windows 8 device?  You can pick up the Windows 8 version of the Superman Almanac here in the Windows Store (opens in new tab) as well.

QR: Superman Almanac

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  • Yeezus
  • This will give me some insight for when I go see the movie tonight. I know little about superman except a rock weakens him.
  • whats the point... what a waste....
  • Don't do it man, suicide is never the answer.
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    DC Comics Movies:  -- it has a lot of lockscreen images it rotates through and a live tile counting down to the next DC Comics Movie.
    Marvel Comics Movies: -- also has a lot of lockscreen images and live tile.
  • Saw the movie today. Nokia phones appeared about 6 times. They looked like all the newer 920 series phones, even a possible EOS.
  • In the Superman movie, any one who had a phone, had a Nokia.
  • Could have sworn I saw a Nokia Lumia Tablet in Superman.
  • The movie was awesomeeee!