We've been talking about how July 27th will be the big day for Microsoft, KDDI (AU) and Toshiba-Fujitsu for a a few days. As we're getting close to the hour (10am Tokyo), news and more details are now leaking out.

The press event is expected to have Microsoft Japan officially unveil Windows Phone Mango localized for the Nippon masses as well as Toshiba-Fujitsu showing off, in detail, the IS12T which is expected to be the first Mango device sold on the market.

The good news for those who cannot be there live is the event will be live on UStream at 10:00 am in Tokyo. (UTC+09:00; 9pm EST on the 26th). That channel can be found here: https://www.ustream.tv/channel/au-happyoukai

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In addition, the IS12T was spotted in some source code for AU's website, but it was commented out from public eyes. When brought up, you can see the image above with the now yellow device sporting Windows Phone on board. Since we've already seen a pink version and now yellow, it's not too hard to imagine this device coming in a variety of colors. Combined with some localized apps on board, Japan is looking to have an exciting next few days.

Via: NanaPho 1, 2