Find out how far you can throw in Javelin Masters for Windows Phone

A lot of our devices are capable of running 3D games, but there's something about games in old-school pixel graphics that we seem to like. Javelin Masters does not have intense graphics, but it's really fun to play. You play as a javelin thrower. The goal is to throw it as far as you can. We've installed this free game on our Nokia Lumia 930. Watch the gameplay video to see if it's something you'd play.


  • Javelin throwing game
  • The thrower learns from day to day when you train with him!
  • Customizable control position
  • Coach to give you instructions and cheer you up
  • Daily World Top
  • All-time Friends Top
  • Intuitive throwing help
  • Old-school pixel graphics
  • 100% Free!

The controls are easy. Wait for a good angle, and then swipe your finger fast back and forth between step buttons to run. Press the throw button and release at the right time for the best possible throw. Don't step over the red line! The run buttons are on the right side, while the throw button is on the left. You can drag around the buttons in the settings to the positions you prefer.

The results are shown at the end of the throw. The game displays the distance of the current throw, today's best, all-time best, and how far from the world top 200. If you log in to your Facebook account, it also compares your throw to a friend who plays Javelin Masters.

If you like your score, you can click the share button. It takes a screenshot of the results and then you can share this image via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Before your next throw, the coach lets you know how you can improve. This includes running faster, adjusting the aim, or knowing when to press and release the throw button.

Javelin Masters is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. It has ads, but they don't get in the way. Our current best is 120.36 M. Can you do better?

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Mark Guim

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