Jawbone looking for Windows Phone developer, following in the steps of Fitbit

New Jawbone job listing confirms official Windows Phone app is in the works

There's still a lack of support for Windows Phone when it comes to fitness accessories and wearable technology in general. We've previously touched on multiple vendors who have no official apps available on the store for consumers, but Jawbone currently has a job opening for a Windows Phone Senior Software Engineer. This means we'll be seeing official platform support for the company's accessories in the future.

Just like Fitbit did in the past, Jawbone is looking for talent to help develop a companion solution to match competitors. This is fantastic news for those who either already have a Jawbone product or are looking to invest. 

Before you get cranky about why these companies are slow to support Windows Phone, there are two reasons: drivers for the Bluetooth 4.0 hardware and APIs for developers. This is what has held back wearable technology (excuse the pun). Update 2 and Nokia’s Amber firmware made it so low-end hardware began to have their Bluetooth 4.0 hardware enabled. This continued with Update 3 and Nokia’s Lumia Black firmware for high end devices, like the Lumia 92x and Lumia 1020.

The second solution is the SDK or Software Development Kit. Developers need these tools developed by Microsoft (and Nokia) for using the 4.0 hardware. They use these tools, for lack of better words, to write the directions to sync the data from the Fitbit device to the phone (or any other wearables). And here we are today with yet another job posting. 

Does this opening sound like something that suites your skill set? Should you wish to look into the position in more detail and apply, head on over to the Jawbone website. For consumers and the rest of us, we'll have to patiently await the official Windows Phone app from not only Jawbone, but other companies in 2014 and beyond.

Source: Jawbone; thanks, chillywilly_69, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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