Jennifer Lopez sending messages on a Windows Phone in latest "Live It Up" music video

It's at 0:22 in the latest pop video from Jennifer Lopez where we see a shiny new Lumia 920, which sports a bold Windows Phone styled SMS conversation between herself and fellow artist Pitbull. The song is called "Live It Up" and comes with a rather bouncy video. We've previously covered Windows Phones being used in music videos, with the HTC TITAN in Fun.'s "We Are Young" being the most notable example.

Both Nokia and Windows Phone going under some serious brand marketingso it should come as no surprise to see more smartphones running Microsoft's platform in future videos.

Source: YouTube; thanks, mrlinlee, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

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  • Video Thumbnail makes it seem like she ate a yellow Lumia or 8x
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  • Cheetos? Aren't they orange?
  • Purple Cheetos.
  • Why is PITBULL in caps?
  • This is horrible, the product placement in that video is so blatant. Wish Microsoft would be a little more choosy in what they decide to advertise in.
  • haters gonna hate
  • With the position of Windows phone as it is (especially in the U.S) Microsoft has to be aggressive. There is no other stance it can take
  • woof woof?
  • This, so much. Why not do something subtle rather than zooming in on the phone for 10 seconds?
  • I'm sure the producer of the video had more say than Microsoft.
  • Why not?
  • Well, I'd wager that this was more a Nokia product placement - if you notice, this is a Nokia device with NO AT&T branding! 
    The point is, is that a Nokia Lumia device is what is being featured, and is more eye catching that the 'text' screen presented.  Coupled with the wedding commercial that features the same device in colors, I think this type of exposure is great for ALL Lumia devices.
  • But it's Nokia not Microsoft
  • Because it shows up however you have it in the people hub.
  • Because she saved it to her contacts that way?
  • I don't think this is an MS advert, they have previously done these types of things in TV shows. But this is a pitbull video. He always throws a WP into his vids, apparently he is a huge fanboy. SO this might just be him being him. MS prolly gave him some money back for it though. 
  • This is the first I hear of PITBULL lol, being a wphanboy. That's great.
  • WP fan boy? Lol.. Are you serious? He's a $$$$$ fan boy, just like you and me.. Shit, if they paid me enough even I would endorse Android.. Lol.. But, i would never be able to show my face in public.
  • Not a fan of J-Lo, but I think its great. I have never seen a "real" person with a WP, only on TV like the show Scandal. The phone has to be accepted by pop culture zombies (90% of America) to gain popularity.
  • It's a BULL man
  • Late this time this is yesterday news.
  • I tipped them on this yesterday, but I think they're sick of me. Lol!
  • In that case, they'll need to see the doctor
  • You're right, we should have know about this ages ago. Please give me the URL to your fantastic news site so I can follow someone who posts news AS IT HAPPENS.
  • Lol!! Smart ass.
  • Did apple or google pay for this placement? Who's next, Amanda Bynes?
  • Its easy to criticize,more difficult to give constructive criticism.
  • Ageed
  • Uh... what?
    It's extremely easy to give constructive criticism here: pick a more relevant, modern celebrity. Don't pick one that Fiat tried to use and ultimately had to fire its ad agency for because the marketing fell flat and was mocked far and wide.
    Jennifer Lopez isn't a particularly viable celebrity endorser these days. Sure, this isn't exactly an endorsement, but after the Fiat fiasco you'd think people would be smarter. As for Pitbull, well, he gets some respect for enjoying being sent to Alaska and making the best of it, but he was sent to Alaska for a reason.
    It's like some 65 year old guy is making these decisions without figuring out who's opinion is actually respected and who is just considered kind of a funny joke, like that annoying cousin everyone has.
  • Hey, I like Amanda Bynes..
  • A quick google search tells that Amanda Bynes is a celebrity famous for substance abuse. Not sure how can one connect her and Jennifer Lopez?
  • If that's what Google has to say, I'm definitely glad I use Bing! =P
  • And Jlo is famous for what besides her behind?  Not counting the 13 year old girls who think she can sing. 
  • Denis, they are both "has beens" - - that's how they are connected and that's why its bad for WP.
  • I WISH @AmandaBynes had a #WindowsPhone that way you'd see it in the mirror when she posts new pics! =D
  • I want to toss her salad.
  • Would you like Justin Bieber instead?
  • The product placement is so obvious it's ridiculous...but hey, if Apple can do it, why the hell can't Nokia? I say, well played.
    Now perhaps try it with TV shows. I have a feeling those would be more effective than a music video.
  • I have to say bro you r so lame. Even though I don't like pop songs at all but its a good strategy to get attention of young generation. Just one question, do you get paid for bashing windows is?
  • I suggest you go back to first grade and learn how to read. You obviously missed a few important classes.
  • Don't worry DJ, they OBVIOUSLY don't get it, I hear you... ;)
  • They have been placing it in TV shows. "Scandal" (permanent fixture, not a one time use) was one, I forget the other I saw it in.
  • Just when I thought that the Microsoft marketing department was starting to get it...
  • Great bold placement. Exactly what WP needs. Super stylish modern looking Nokia phone in a new music video by a current popular mainstream artist. Nuff said.
  • That's what they've been doing. Countless celebrity endorsement and Windows Phone is still relatively unknown. They need more ads like the Windows Phone challenge and the new #switch ad. Seeing a celebrity using a phone did not make me get one. Seeing what the OS is like is what did.
  • Don't make everything about you.
  • Im sure "celeb" endorsement might cater to a few, but you're right. Theyve had other so called stars endorsing the product. Id say it didnt help one bit. Instead of getting hack "celebs" to endorse your product, find something actually creative. And as much as I hate Apple, they have great ads that showcase the ability of their phones. As far as Google goes, their ads always sucked but for whatever reason, their phones took off eventually. Probably has more to do with at the time, besides Blackberry, it was just Apple. Google timed it right and got on every carrier with cheap phones.
  • Guess Microsoft needs to make a lot of ads to place it kn this video..
  • Kill me
  • and then me
  • It is pretty bad... One would think they could put whatever the money spent here anywhere else....
  • Where do you live? I'm pretty sure it can be arranged... @_@
  • Atlanta. Make it quick
  • Atlanta is ghetto. I'm from Arlington, TX were we get it crunk, crunk baby!!! Lol! Just joking..
  • Love how the video link opened up in the native YouTube app.
  • Me too!! :)
  • ME TOO! Made me very very happy
  • Video not working for me-"format not supported". Wtf. L900..
  • Yep!.. Nice. Isn't Goggle trying to block the new app?
  • Trying and doing are 2 different things altogether.
  • Yeah like when you're "trying" to please a woman in bed?? Lol!!.. Sorry about that. Just joking.
  • well that escalated quickly (y)
  • Right! Lol!
  • Guess some of you guys are not in music videos too much... There a Lot, I mean Lot of merchandising like that in music videos. Phones, tablets, clothes.....
  • Right? Exhibit G - Gaga, Lady...Telephone: too numerous to list each product advertised =P
  • Even this one -- watch, phone glasses, all within seconds.
  • Man, I've not been a fan of the chosen celebrities for Windows Phone endrosements so far. Jessica Alba was an OK choice, but Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Cam Newton, an Pitbull? That seems like an odd quartet of folks I don't care for. I'm not the popular opinion though, so whatever pushes the platform, I suppose.
    I wouldn't mind seeing one of their product placements occur in a show or song I like or with a celebrity I like, though. Widespread relatability, rather than just the blatant, cheesy mainstream would be nice.
  • You can't get more widespread than mainstream artists, no? Although that line up is a bit too homogeneous I suppose.
  • It's not an issue of goign mainstream. It's ONLY going mainstream. Though mainstream is the majority, the majority is also full-on suckered into the iWorld. I'm saying try to reach out to more than just casual people. They could attempt to reach metalheads, baseball fans, basketball fans, NASCAR fans, rock music fans, and so on. Get a wide range of celebrities to appeal to more than just the mush-minded fans of Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, and Gewn Stefani.
  • I'm sorry Keith but I think you're just in the tiny minority of people who quite frankly just aren't cool and probably get bullied a lot. For that I just want to apologize and say that its okay to be an outcast, I'm sure SOMEONE will care one day. =D
  • Never once been bullied. I never want to be cool, because the definition of "cool," I see in the world is disgusting. If it makes you feel better to call names and be an Internet tough guy, though, that's "cool." You hope someone cares about what I say, I hope you're less of a crappy person someday.
  • Not quite. Mainstream doesn't mean majority. Just largest segment. Depending on how you divide the world up, the largest section could still just be a tiny fraction.
  • I agree with you.. But, those three artist work hard and are very talent.. They have longevity, and are well know.. That's why they are being used.
  • They have longevity. They are not talented. They are trampy, and that's what people like.
  • How are they not talent?
  • We are not the target audience. Theses are top tier Pop artist that are suppose to bring a cool factor to Windows Phone to all those people, most likely tweens and young women, who are impressionable by celebrity endorsements.
  • While I don't think celebrity endorsements make that much of a difference, I don't think this hurts. It could be worse. Imagine having R.Kelly or Phil Spector hawking your product?
  • I can see it now "RKelly pees on Lumia 920". .
  • Cam Newton? Is that who that was? Nevermind, I have no idea why he is presumably famous. I'm sure someone loved the ad, but it sure wasn't anyone in my house. Jessica and Gwen's ads were better, though my daughter didn't know who they are. Slap the phone in Bieber and 1D's hands and you'll have up and coming converts.
  • Jennifer Lopez is an accomplished business woman.. I think people fail to realize just how many projects she has going on. She's popular, and mature.. If they used Justin Bieber that might send out the wrong message. If you notice they only use stars who have had a clean slate to represent WP.. With Justin B. spitting on his neighbors, and getting into fights, they would probably have to pass on him for the time being.. But, overall I think he's been a good role model. He just needs to back it up a bit.. Nevertheless, you're right,,, if Justin B. popped up on TV holding a yellow 920 next to his face then the next day 20 million teenage girls would mob every at&T store in America.... Yeah, forget what I said earlier.. We need Justin Bieber!... Lol!
  • Music was pants if you could call it that sigh buuuuuut least windows phones getting more lime light on the bright side that it so needs currently
  • Actually, it's Nokia Lumia devices that's getting the exposure.  The beauty of this video is, is that the devices are shown within the first 40 seconds or so, so if someone is not a fan of the music track, they can just stop the video (but not after seeing that gorgeous Lumia 920 :)
  • its Jennifer Lopez, what you expect? lol what made the song better was pitbull style on it. but well i dont like her... so i dont even know why she is so famous as actress and singer, becuase she is meeehh and not even that pretty. but she is famous and thats why she has alot of millions. so yeah its a good product placement, im sure some people will watch the video and want to use the cool phone "JLo" is using lol or at least question what phone it is.
  • Maaaaaaan, betta not let no boricuas hear u dissin they girl like dat! Mm-hmm U_U
  • Not to bash your grammar but i don't understand meh im a rocker so i tend to speak my mind anarchy and all the bollocks XD
  • Yo, niggaz betta fall back, ain't nobody gon talk about my shorty like dat! Jlo got da mean fatty n she caking it right now! Newyoricans iz da shit.
  • LOL!! Word em up!!
  • Haha, the end of that comment made my day!
  • This going to get millions of views!!
  • No love for WP7.x OBVIOUSLY ;)
  • Not trying to offend you or anyone with a wp7 device, but I believe the aim is marketing exposure for the newest devices...its like apple securing celebrity endorsements for the I phone 3GS. Again, I understand you may feel left out, but companies don't normally market for the previous generation devices...sorry. :(
  • Lol! Like Apple marketing for the 3gs... Right!
  • More apps for WP!!!
  • Jennifer Lopez app?
  • Reminds me of old Nokia 3250 .. In a Ricki martin music video, its was so bad.
    And I think this one was placed by Nokia itself rather than Ms.
  • What is this basic ass crap?
  • Looks like one of your comments... Ooo, BURN! lol, jk =P
  • Sweet because i know for a fact she is a isheep girl. Maybe she will finally get a smarter smartphone
  • Looks like Swarovski was next up for product placement, then Beluga...i never paid attention to product placements in videos, but these were so obvious in this video. Each frame was slowed for like 2-3 seconds with the brand clearly shown. Anyway, the phone looks amazing!
  • It is the common director's ladder...Music Video, Commercial, TV show, Movie but I'm sure you can play with the order slightly =P
  • There's black L920s in a few of the new Wendy's commercials. Anyone else notice?
  • Really? You mean the new commercials with that hot redheaded girl?? She's tha booommmb!!!
  • JLO stole my phone
  • I knew I liked JLo
  • It would be nicer if we had a shot of JLos ass with the phone next to it. Or perhaps they demonstrate how good the resolution is by putting a picture of her ass on the screen.
  • Terrific idea.
  • Definitely going to need that wide angle lens!
  • Oh god yes!! Thank the lord for wide angle lenses..
  • Actually, this isn't an MS placement since the phone has 4 soft buttons at the bottom, and not the standard 3 that WP has. Its likely Nokia. As for product placement, Apple started paying for that in tv shows, movies, etc. a very long time ago. Shows like Grimm where everyone uses an iPhone with no cover and no Bluetooth so that its very obvious its an iPhone. The show Arrow is sponsored by MS with both Lenovo MS servers and Nokia Lumia smart phones. Vampire Diaries has rotated between Apple and MS by season. In every case, they spend a fair amount of unnecessary time focusing in on the phone or tablet because they're getting paid. Its part of the game today.
  • Ummmm.... Granted, the application bar buttons are wrong, but my 928 has four.
  • It's an E-mail she's looking at not a text message i get the same soft keys on my hotmail account!
  • This is just the CG guys getting it wrong, happens all the time with digital product placement. Like when CSI(?) had a Moto RAZR with an Android UI on it.
  • I gotta 99 problems with this video and music, but the phone ain't one
  • Agreed
  • On other product placement news, has anyone else noticed the HTC that's flashed about on every episode of Revenge? The last ep also had a Nokia in it from memory.
    Now if MS could sneak one into Game of Thrones...
  • Game of Thrones gotta be easy. Man, they could have even avoided climbing the wall if they had HERE Maps.
  • Looks like J-Lo needs to get her eyes tested, as she has the text size enlarged via ease of access. Or it could just be that it shows of the hashtag to help promote her song.
  • nice! and it's 920!
  • There was one used by flo rida in whistle song. I think it was a 920 or something
  • yeah. i just checked. it's 900, because it was uploaded to youtube on may 2012
  • Those are man hands!
  • nice to see the lumia 920 there. :)
  • I agree with the haters on this one. Stupid placement. And jlo hastags in texts? Lolol... Seriously, tho, kesha and jlo? Don't they want windows phone to seem cool?
  • Shame on Jennifer Lopez for copying the same black feather dress from Great French Artist 'Mylène Farmer' who walked for 'Jean Paul Gautier' long back.
  • Oh geez... I'm sure she's not the first.
  • Oh geez.. Lol!
  • Eh. I always find "celeb" endorsement annoying. If that really helps a product, that is just sad. And JLo or whatever the hell she calls herself, youd think they could find a better endorsement than some 40+ year old acting like shes 25.
  • Nokia has advertised in loads of past music vids, im sure they didn't say "right, we've got £1m, should we advertise on billboards, posters etc.......or stick it all into pitbulls account" this is just one of many adverts, all are welcome I say
  • It's better to improve the quality of what MS is promoting rather than impoving the promotion strategy itself.
    WP8 is even now so incomplete in almost everything.
    The OS itself the Store and  the velocity it is growing need more work like the WP store website.
  • More interested in J-Lo's butt in that red thong like thing.
  • That's what I'm saying! Screw tha stupid phone.. Lol!
  • MILLIONS of fans copy what celebs do, Miley cyrus & Justin Bieber are the biggest, if these two started using WP phones and it became a trend, this will help ALOT!!! WP still misses basic features so... but still, pop stars are who sets trends for teenagers, this will be just as popular as iPhone!!! :) great job Nokia!
  • Well, Biebs got himself a monkey. You don't see million of his fans going out to get a monkey. Again, I think celeb endorsements of certain trends only go so far. Even with impressionable teens.
  • Lol who cares about JLO? at least the Lumia 920 is being viewed by millions of people in this little video
  • How is this video not supported on my windows phone?
  • It would be so much better to see Windows Phone in EVERY new music videos now! Flood them all!!!
  • I appreciate them putting the Windows Phone promotion really early in the video...that way I didn't have to sit through the actual song.
  • Well, all type of advertisement is directed at a particular group. I think its good. Although I once saw a WP product placement on the show vampire diary or something similar. I didn't have a WP then. ( I used to like android, but now I hate it & google simply because I would never get updates lol & couldn't take screenshots ).
  • Who cares
  • I made the jump from IOS to wp8 a couple months back, and have taken notice to see other wp8 phones on tv. I have seen the Lumia on Revenge and Vampire Diaries. But none in real life yet.
  • Everyone here is whining about the product placement but heck its right next to the Swarovski placement so to me its making the 920 look like bling. Has to be a good thing.
  • There ya go drg. One of just a few people in ths thread that gets it. Don't forget the Beluga and Ice product placement either. Geez that "song" sucks...The people who like this video... doubt they are saying about the Nokia product placement "So obvious" lol to all the poindexters here. 
  • I hope all the Lumia advertising was in the first 30 seconds. I couldn't stand it, the music makes me want to destroy myself in the most inhumane way possible....
  • Show the kids the WP8 stuff & they'll start buying. Most think the iPhone isn't cool any longer, so let 'em get their new tech however it comes. Better to be seen than not at all,...
  • Who has noticed the Lumia 920 in the Wendy's advert ?
  • Some guys above⬆ are talking about that.. Maybe you should go make some new friends sugar britches.
  • Lol, they did a terrific job at showing off all their sponsors at the beginning. Its like they managed to fit commercial for five products into one.
  • Confused cat side ways look those weren't real words lol =/•/=
  • It's better to improve the quality of what MS is promoting rather than impoving the promotion strategy itself.comprar camisetas de futbol
  • I'd hit it! I mean... Nice video. N stuff. Lol
  • People whining about Nokia product placement? How many other products are prominantly featured before we even get to the phone?
  • Wonder how they decide who sends the tips in first.... I sent this in like 2-3 days ago.