Join Trevor, Michael and Franklin in GTA V as part of this week's Deals with Gold

Microsoft's Larry Hryb has shared with the public this week's Deals with Gold on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. If you own either console, you'll be able to take advantage of deals listed below as part of the weekly promotion for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

Xbox One

Xbox 360

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Sweet, Homefront is actually better than 35% off in Australia.
  • GTA V is f***ing awsme game ...Waiting for Gta VI
  • After finishing the game I felt that the game casting must be changed ...dump michael's son (the fat nerd) and franklin be michaels son
  • I mean like stepson
  • Homefront is fixed or still having issues with framepacing?
  • Badland for a ridiculously cheap price is a must buy. Fun little game.
  • How about discounted GTA money :/ I want the new rally car mod but it's like $1m all done up. :( $20 for a car is kinda dumb
  • Then don't buy it. You said it yourself. It's dumb. You can spend $20 in real life gas for a car instead.
  • I played GTA 5 on the PC and 360, If the Xbox one version was like $10, I would buy it...