The Just Cause series consists of over-the-top third-person action games which revolve around destroying everything in your path. While the titles may not have the best stories, they're a lot of fun to play because the goal is to constantly blow up buildings and vehicles. Just Cause 4 continues this tradition.

Today, Square Enix released a new trailer which focuses on the destruction in the game. The description states, "After their latest humiliating defeat, a squad of wounded Black Hand soldiers attempt to explain to their leader, Gabriela Morales, how they managed to get beaten by just one man: the leader of The Army of Chaos, Rico Rodriguez."

The video is quite hilarious and captures the essence of the game. While the story might not be that great, the technical ambitions of Just Cause 4 are a feat to behold. The chaos looks spectacular to say the least. Hopefully it'll run well on consoles unlike its predecessor. Are you interested in the game? Let us know.

Just Cause 4 is expected to launch on December 4, 2018. Those who preorder the Digital Deluxe Edition or Gold Edition can play it a day early. As is the case with many "AAA" game nowadays, Just Cause 4 will be enhanced for Xbox One X, but it's unclear if it runs at native 4K resolution on the system.

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