Just Dance 2019 launches on Xbox

Just Dance 2019 is the latest entry in the staple franchise. The title seems to be more refined than ever, and comes with over forty new songs. However, if you subscribe to Just Dance Unlimited, you get access to another four hundred tracks.

  • Havana - Camila Cabello
  • One Kiss - Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa
  • Finesse - Bruno Mars and Cardi B
  • I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd and Daft Punk
  • Work Work - Britney Spears

A few years ago, a lot of dancing-based games launch on consoles, however, it seems like only Just Dance remains now. If you're looking for a great party experience, be sure to give this latest entry in the franchise a go. It only costs $39.99 this time around on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and other platforms.

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  • This is why we still need the Kinect. I don't want to be flailing around holding my smartphone in my increasingly sweaty grip as the sensor, let alone handing it to my young kids.
  • I'm just happy I bought a Kinect while they were still available. Games like this, though quirky, can be fun sometimes!
  • Good thing I still have my Kinect. I'll be getting this for the fam.
  • There can't be many studios left now still producing new games for the Xbox 360.
  • Do you eed a kinect with this? If not how does it work?
  • I don't know, you could spin that record, babe, da da doo doo ooh, just dance. Gonna be okay. ;)
  • I've never understood how this game has been so popular. I've always liked the Dance Central series better than Just Dance. Was it just better marketing?