Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition launching on Xbox One in January

The game previously launched on Xbox One in 2016, but an enhanced version is on the way in January, says Kerbal Space Program publisher Private Division. However, the publisher was relatively light on details, only noting Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition will include a reworked interface and new controls.

From Private Division:

Get ready to send your Kerbals to the Mun on consoles! The Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this January. Stay tuned for more details on the Enhanced Edition, including a completely reworked user interface, new controls, and more.

The use of the word "enhanced" may immediately bring to mind potential Xbox One X enhancements, but there's no indication that those are in the pipeline. Instead, you can expect a version of the game updated to play much better on consoles.

That's good news for anyone who happened to pick the game up at launch in 2016. The Kerbal team later made the game unavailable to purchase for Xbox One due to a number of complaints from gamers, ranging from corrupted saves and no mod availability. In May of 2017, the team alerted the Kerbal community that an updated console version was in the works and that anyone who already owned the game on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 before it was pulled will get the Enhanced Edition as a free update.

Kerbal Space Program puts you in control of tiny green creatures called Kerbals as they build up space-faring vehicles and adventure into space. A simulation game, Kerbal Space Program lets you take part in flying on missions to new planets in moons as part of a career mode or follow your own path in a sandbox mode.

Expect to hear more about Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition as the January launch draws nearer.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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