Killer Instinct hits Steam with Xbox One and Windows 10 cross-play

Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct (Image credit: Microsoft)

Killer Instinct, the 2013 reboot of the iconic fighting series, has made its way to Steam today after nearly four years of exclusivity to Microsoft's Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. Following its release on the world's biggest PC game storefront, a new group of players can jump into the action alongside all post-launch content.

Although a free version of the game is offered through Microsoft's platforms, the latest Steam release is only available as a part of a paid bundle, priced at $39.99. Like the existing Definitive Edition, Steam players will gain access to all three seasons of content, ranging from 29 characters, 20 stages and all costumes/colors. However, marking the game's latest launch, players can get started for 25 percent off the standard retail price.

Furthermore, with parity between the Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam releases, all three platforms can now take advantage of cross-platform multiplayer. While limited to certain modes, this is a notable step for Microsoft, continuing to embrace cross-play with external ecosystems. However, Xbox Play Anywhere still offered solely in-house, meaning your progress and purchases can't transfer to and from a Steam copy.

Alongside today's announcement, Microsoft Studios also announced that Killer Instinct has hit 10 million players total across Xbox One and Windows 10 – a number that will only grow with this latest release.

Are you planning to pick up Killer Instinct on Steam? Or does the lack of a free-to-play option mean you'll be sticking to Xbox One and Windows 10? As always, make sure to drop your thoughts in the comments.

Matt Brown

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  • I do hope this is a start of more cross-platform play.  I wish play anywhere worked with Steam.  MS and Valve need to figure out a way to associate an MS account with Steam so PlayAnywhere could be a feature across the 3 platforms too.
  • I sincerly doubt PlayAnywhere would EVER go cross platform, that is effectively both companies choosing to take a financial hit. Now, this next bit is speculation on my part but I suspect that Microsoft set up PlayAnyhere because the number of people actually purchasing a game across Windows 10 and Xbox One was INCREDIBLY minimal and so I really doubt it is costing them anything to provide it.
  • I'm sure they will find a way to integrate a microsoft account to coinside a steam acount.  But for now, kudos for adding STEAM to the mix with this game.  ULTRA Combos for everyone!
  • And it will be ghe first ever 4k fighting game when Xbox One X launches on Nov 7.  Will be enjoying this awesome game for a long time!