Killer Instinct on Windows 10 will include a PC performance test

Windows 10 PC owners will finally be able to download Microsoft's free-to-play fighting game Killer Instinct on Tuesday, March 29. However, the game will include one extra feature that won't be in the Xbox One version of the game: a PC performance test.

As revealed on the official Killer Instinct YouTube channel, the performance test can be found in the Help menu selection and is designed to give some guidance for gamers who want to see if their rig can handle the game in online matches. Gamers will be able to set specific PC display resolutions and graphics options before they run the test, such as anti-aliasing, motion blur and more.

One the performance test starts running, the game switches to an AI battle between two fighters. Once it is over, the test offers a score and states whether or not the player can go online to play ranked multiplayer matches. It's likely that if the test comes up with a lower score, the graphics and resolution can be changed so that it can come up with a better test result.

John Callaham