Kodi is coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One as a full UWP app

Announced at the Windows Developer Day Event (via Neowin) the non-profit XBMC Foundation announced that it is working working on a Universal Windows Platform version of Kodi, allowing it to return to Xbox.

Kodi is currently available for Windows PCs as a Win32 program, and is available from the Windows 10 Store via the desktop app converter. There are some fairly complex methods of getting Kodi working on Xbox One already, but it won't beat a native app.

Kodi hasn't announced a timeframe for when their UWP app will land on the store, nor have they said whether Windows 10 Mobile support would be thrown in, but we'll try and reach out for more information.

If you're interested in setting up Kodi for yourself, take a look at the links below.

Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • Well, that was fast. Cool to see this is happening. I'm trying to get use to using this and seeing this is coming to the Xbox, I'm excited.
  • Maybe Xbox is the savior for Universal apps on Windows 10..🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • One of the reasons I've been saying that, from a consumer standpoint, MS should definitely market a "Surface Phone" not only for productivity, but as a serious mobile gaming device.. With that said, MS should be working on getting as many XBOX games (as logical for mobile) to scale nicely with Windows on Arm... One of the major selling points we all were sure MS would've taken advantage of with WP7, but didn't. I swear, if they make that mistake twice👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾
  • Everyone has been saying that for years.
  • Since first ZUNE came.
  • Right.
  • This^ so much
  • Yes.
    The problem is they are busy with Xbox app on other platforms.
  • The Windows app is far better than any of the apps on the other platforms. Either you haven't compared or you haven't used either of them.
  • Xbox app is one of the few apps that are actually better on Windows.
  • Yeah MS should be pushing Xbox Anywhere hard on Celluar PC's but it doesnt look like it has their attention given that there are barely any XA games on PC, only a handful, also terrible store front you just don't which are XA compatible, not even searching for Xbox Anywhere brings up the full list. The next Snapdragon has processing power close to a low end Intel Core i3 with a better GPU, it could handle PC AAA games if only MS made a cross platform Xbox UI that works across, CPC, PC and console.
  • Yes, man, we now have the mobile GPU performance capabilities... There is no excuse. It's time for MS to leverage Windows, Xbox, Office, and their cloud, for the ultimate mobile form factor.... And, KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY!
  • I am not so sure mobile GPU's are up to the same spec as an XBOX One.   The games need quite high spec Windows Desktop / Laptop PC's in order to run for most cases.  XBOX Anywhere is great in theory, but is still limited to the specifications needed for each individual game.  Most still require a reasonably well specced gaming machine to run.
  • A "Surface Phone" will target the enterprise - not consumers.
  • wow!
  • Good! I'll use it once they release the full UWP app.
  • Here's hoping for add-on support, including "add-ons from unknown sources".
  • It would be cool if we can run it on Windows 10 IoT (Raspberry Pi). I know, we can already do it with a lot of Linux solution (OpenELEC, and all), but you know... for a Windows fan, it is different ;-)
  • Not really necessary. If you're installing it on a Raspberry Pi you may as well save yourself the trouble and just install a Kodi build based on Linux. Otherwise you would have to install Windows 10 IoT first, then Kodi on top of it. Then Windows 10 IoT disappears altogether. Just seems like you're looking to complicate matters unnecessarily because you like Windows :P
  • no love for mobile ?
  • Mobile is dead....for now.
  • I don't think something that hasn't been really alive and well can be called "dead". No need to start bashing on me, I'm a WP/W10M users since Windows Mobile 6, so I'm well placed to know that Windows mobile effort never really got out of the nursury...
  • More like "comatose"... But, there's hope it may wakeup. But, even if it wakes up it will need rehabilitation, and there's no way it will ever be the same... (which, in this case, is a good thing😂)
  • my old Lumia 810 still rocks! No needed Iphone!
  • Already on iOS and Android
  • Was on XBox in 2003.
  • You can thank xbox for that, as without xbox Kodi would never exist. And it is xbox media center renamed due to name lasuit from Microsoft
  • XBMC name makes sense now... XBox Media Center... never knew that before :-)
  • Wouldn't exist if the original Xbox didn't exist. How about that?
  • Running Kodi on a phone is pretty rough as it is.
  • Better have full functionality.....
  • What are you gonna do if it doesn't? Throw the bows?😂😂😂😂
  • Why wouldn't it? Kodi is just a media center app. I don't see why they'd pull functionality from an official build.
  • So it's coming as a uwp app but not mentioned if mobile support will be thrown in?? Surely not a true uwp app then??
  • Why can't people understand what UWP means. Go search for the artile on this site explaining it.
  • Because surely a UNIVERSAL WINDOWS PLATFORM app that's truly universal will work on everything windows 10...mobile included! Otherwise in my eyes its not truly universal.
  • There aren't enough faces and palms to describe how asinine this comment is.
  • It doesn't matter what your eyes see, it only matters what facts are present. Go look up what UWP means and educate yourself.
  • It can work on phones. Doesn't mean the developers want to deal with it being on phones, though.
  • That's not the meaning of uwp. UWP means the app can run on whatever platform the developer choses. You can have an app on only mobile and it would still be an UWP.
  • So you won't need a firestick no more right
  • Correct.
  • I just wish MSFT would bring back WMC. That was the BEST app for media and live TV.
  • agree wmc is great love being able to watch DRM protected content. I'd pay a bucket load of money if the developers of kodi were able to get the licensing to play DRM content like AMC and HBO. I still use wmc as my backend and kodi as the front end and when I want to watch the walking dead I have to switch over to my Xbox 360. Would be Nic if they brought back wmc and they made a uwp extender app for Xbox one so I can finally retire my Xbox 360
  • HDHomerun has just rolled out support for DRM Channels in it's UWP app.  It works on Xbox One, and many all-in-ones and laptop computers.  While you need to have a Cable Card from your cable company, and the HD Homerun Prime, it allows you to watch DRM'd channels and content.  They are also developing a DVR software setup, that's planned to include Cable Card DRM support, they are just focusing the initial release on non-DRM because that will work worldwide, and the massive penelalties they face if they don't get the DRM right, it gets cracked, and it's traced back to them.
  • SWEET!!
  • YES!
  • Awesome
  • I will stick with Plex for now 😊
  • Can run Plex inside Kodi now if you're a Plex Pass subscriber. Best of everything!
  • Wait, what? Kodi can access Plex servers?
  • EDIT: Nevermind, i see they changed it. You used to be able to just download the Plex addon and it would work no issues. Now they put a barrier up so that it's Plex Pass subs only. That's lame.   Don't even need to be a Plex Pass subscriber. Anyone can go directly to the Official Plex for Kodi github page and download the add-on.  https://github.com/plexinc/plex-for-kodi/releases Go down to bottom, select "source code (zip)".  Open zip file within Kodi to install Plex add-on.  Done.     
  • Excellent. It definitely make sense to develop a single app that will work across all Windows 10 devices
  • so Kodi is coming back to XBOX, where it all started for them.
  • The circle of life is complete!
  • We have a UWP of TeamViewer in Xbox or can I control the Xbox from my phone or my PC?
  • Exodus on XB1! Sweet.
  • uwp without w10m ...
  • That's the new world order.
  • UWP has nothing to do with amount of supported platforms.
  • It was suppose to, dont kid yourself.
  • No, it is a framework that runs across platforms. There has never been a requirement for developers to support all hardware platforms.
  • Newbie question... does anyone know if this will enable all of us cord cutters to use the XBox as a PVR/DVR for over-the-air TV? I looked into the Kodi.tv wiki and it looks like you also need some kind of PVR backend PVR backend (TV tuner server) like DVBLink or NextPVR... but would those work on Xbox One?
  • You'd still need the back end on a separate PC (or NAS, or whatever you run it on...really a NAS is just a specialized PC) but once you did you just run that as a server and would access it over your network using Kodi as your front end. The question is whether a Raspberry Pi 3 has enough oomph to record to a USB-connected hard drive. If it did, that's a WAY cheap server. (the answer in part is that you'd have to stick a powered hub of some kind in between, because the Pi wouldn't be able to power the drive on its own. So that gets sticky.)
  • thieves rejoice everywhere ... people using KODI for content stealing in the UK just got cracked down on ... hopefully the US is next ...
  • Kodi is useful for more than piracy, always has been, and it was designed without piracy in mind.
  • Lmao no we don't really get probed like that here. It's America bud. Stay on your side of the pond.
  • Incorrect. People selling boxes loaded for piracy have just been cracked down on. Kodi is perfectly legal and doesn't come with any content. What miscreants do with it is their own lookout.
  • idk where you get your facts man. Kodi can be used to play content you own that's not DRM protected like music you buy from amazon, play backups of your dvd/blu-rays so you don't have to get up off the couch every time you want to swap a DVD and if you use a hdhomerun prime you can play live tv and playback recorded tv show episodes. Use addons to play content on your OneDrive. Even play videos from vice news or YouTube. Piracy was never in the developers cards. Like anything in life people will always find a way to do something illegal.
  • Would love to switch from Plex to it. But really like the central dedicated server with the ability to sync to my phones and laptops.
  • Google plex for Kodi. They have a preview build  for Plex Pass subscribers
  • No need to. Plex has an official add-on now for Plex Pass subscribers to integrate with Kodi.
  • missionsparta The Plex hookup works very well i setup for a mate recently. Its easy to setup and works fast depending on you network setup but my mate using Wifi has no problems playing full HD and even a few 4k demos over his network.
  • Sounds good, but like I said, I really like to be able to sync to my phone for on the go, so I guess this is a no go with no support for Windows 10 Mobile.
  • I love Plex but will try this. The part I don't get is that they don't know if it will have "Windows 10 Mobile support". I thought UWP covered it all...
  • UWP is merely the platform the app is built on. It enables the dev to code for multiple devices with minimal changes in the code. However, the dev has to choose which devices the app is for and make those minimal changes. Which is why we see Xbox/Windows 10 apps that leave Mobile high and dry.
  • Plex has an add-on for Kodi, so you don't have to move anything from anywhere :)
  • This is good news, although I always found XBMC/Kodi to be a bit clunky, that said it IS open source and it potentially has tons of features and personalisation so bring it on!
  • Now all we need is Microsoft to release the promised and then canned DVR functionality for Xbox to make it a media center.
  • But... Isn't it illegal?
  • No, why would it be illegal?
  • No. Never has been never will be.
  • Why? Because it can play videos/music? A lot of products would be illegal if that was the case.
  • Ah, this AWESOME! Hopefully with full functionality. Ima start using the Windows 10 version to get accustomed.
  • Awesome, console users finally gaining access to the cord cutter freedom. Hint, check out IPTV and realize the 1000s of live channels you've been missing out on...
  • ? cord cutting?  you mean you stream illegaly?  why not pay 5.99 a moth for netflix or amazon, there cord cut.
  • First of all, it's a lot more than $5.99/mo now. Secondly, I use vpn services for privacy and both of those stupid companies blocked me from viewing the content which I pay for! Only for the reason that my IP is a known vpn server.
  • Nice stuff! Perhaps this can replace my ever so old (yet trusty) standalone media player! 👍
  • I wonder if they'll cripple add-on support. They certainly didn't give two ***** about doing so on the current version in store cause I can install all the neat tv ones without issues.
    But now that its coming to Xbox?
    It's probably my ptsd from the 2008 era of torrents.
  • Thats what MrMC does to be app store friendly, it'sa fork of Kodi by formerKodi/ XBMC devs, they disable the addon system but they do include some addons as part of the core app.
  • Huh? I'm using the store version, and have no problems installing 3rd party addons. You just have to enable that ability in the settings. That's not a store thing, but a Krypton thing on all platforms.
  • he's talking about the one coming for the Xbox, not the current Store version which you are right, as add-on support.
  • Sorry, talking about the store version of Kodi.
  • since about 2 weeks ago my store version is the only version i use, it works great.  ive certainly not had any issues.  The ui needs a bit of work from a moving up or down point of view on the home page but i think thats a small bug, nothing a arrow key cant correct.  Id go as far to say i prefer and love kodi from the app store version.  Now id just like the kodi app to have a working live tiles as i looking at the kodi logo doesnt really make use of the live tiles like netflix and plex do.
  • Kodi is just the front-end. I mean...Microsoft Edge can be used to pirate stuff but Microsoft still wants you to use it ;-)
  • i love edge but cant use it because of 1 thing.  new tabes dont open up to my default home page google as microsft seem intent of trying to force me to use their options.  Untill that changes edge is a no go for me.
  • If it had DVR support for my OTA antenna, I'd consider it. Until then, my HTPC will continue running Windows 8.1 with Media Center.
  • i would have ,loved windows media centre but they ever did it right.  when you have alot of digital movies in your library and all media centre could manage was thumbnails from the movie as your movie then its really unacceptable, hell it was unaceptable 10 years ago lol.  kodi, plex and netflix all do it right so why didnt microsft?  i see these kind of atention to detail errors still exist in windows mobile and desktop.  looks like some things never change.
  • But for me, it's the DVR. Gotta have it.
  • Sweet maybe ill try it then