Last-gen Surface tablets pass through Bureau of Indian Standards

Microsoft may consider launching Surface tablets in India, according to a listing on the country's regulatory authority, the Bureau of Indian Standards.

The website lists two Surface model numbers, 1516 (Surface RT) and 1601 (Surface Pro 2), as being approved for distribution in the country. Maintek, the company that is listed on the BIS site, is a manufacturer that has registered the tablets for sale in the country.

BIS Surface

Even though the tablets have been certified by India's regulatory body, there is no telling when (or if) Microsoft decides to launch either model in the country. According to a Microsoft spokesperson:

"As per BIS processes, certification is mandatory for this category. For Microsoft, we do go through these processes from time-to-time, as part of any market assessment perspective. But, at this stage, we have no announcements to offer for launch timing of the said model or other models of Microsoft Surface in India."

Indian users, would you be interested in buying either tablet if it were available in the country? Would you rather see the Surface Pro 3 instead? Sound off in the comments.

Source: BIS; Via: Evyush

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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