LastPass is now free to use across unlimited devices

LastPass users have something to be excited about, as the password manager is now free to use on an unlimited number of PCs, phones and tablets. Now, LastPass users can sync their password vaults across multiple devices without paying a penny.

From LastPass (opens in new tab):

From day one here at LastPass, we've been on a mission to help you simplify your online life, and make it a whole lot easier to achieve strong password security. By offering LastPass for free across all your devices, we're making it that much easier for everyone to make good password habits the norm. Because when you have a password manager that goes everywhere you do, you have a strong foundation for securing and taking control of your identity.

Previously, the ability to sync across multiple devices was limited to premium LastPass subscribers, while tools like password generation were free to use. While LastPass still offers a premium subscription, which includes family sharing, encrypted file storage and more for $1 per month.

Are you already a LastPass user, or will you be making the switch now that syncing is free across multiple deices? Let us know in the comments!

Download LastPass from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Awesome!
  • What if the security of these password management apps is compromised?
  • Whoever gains access to your LastPass, gains access to ALL your saved password ;)
  • That is why I use EnPass. Your Master Key/Password is not stored on any server, only on your device. The downside is that if you forget your Master Key/Password, there is no way to recover it as the only place it is known is in your own mind. EnPass has excellent Windows 10 support across all devices and iOS, Android and other OSes. This is still great news for LastPass users!
  • I'm using SecureWord that allow to save on OneDrive and only sync if you want.
  • You can have Enpass take advantage of OneDrive as well (and only sync if you want). Does SecureWord have a UWP available? That's a huge plus for Enpass. Has a UWP available for both desktop and mobile, Android, iOS, and even various classic desktop apps.
  • SecureWord don't have UW app... and probably never will... but since I'm using it since W8 and I still have some devices with Win8.1, I going keep using it.
    But, I'm going to try EnPass. Thanks for the tip!
  • I've moved from SecureWord to EnPass a few months ago and not regretting it! The former is great, the latter is awesome! ​Thing is, you'll need to manually import all your entries: sadly the desktop importer doesn't work with SecureWord. That being said, EnPass is much more efficient in terms of managing your stuff and it also benefits from Windows Hello on both PC and mobile thus replacing de facto your master password in most scenarios. ​I just can't wait for the Edge plugin though...
  • Thanks. Definitely I'll give it a try.
  • What's going to be more secure, a high tech server or your computer with an antivirus?
  • I'm still using Keypass, but i will check Enpass too.
  • RE: Olumide O, No.  The passwords and notes are encrypted.
  • They encrypt your data that is in the cloud and is unique for each user, so not even LAstpass has access to your data in the cloud.  The decryption of the data happens on the device.  However if the hacker gets your password then they will have access to all your passwords.  you can setup two factor authentication which makes it much more difficult for hackers to get at the data.
  • they're ability to share your passwords with other users (or in the event of your death, etc.) makes me believe that they have some way of decryption on their end, no?
  • Not necessarily since you are the one activating the share, not LastPass. LastPass requires a confirmation of your password when you initiate a share, so presumably your password is re-hased locally at that point and a hashed public key is provided to your receiver that matches up with the hashed private key that is stored when the data. When they come together, both keys are used to unencrypt the data.
  • Check out They explain that it your key is encrypted with your emergency contact's public key, thus only they could decrypt it since only they have their private key. LastPass stores your encrypted key data (presumably in lastpass' own private encrypted account) until it's requested and the designated waiting period expires.
  • Lastpass WAS HACKED...they stole NOTHING as its all encrypted, no one can steal any details of yours.
  • ... Yet.
  • So whats the catch of the free service?
  • Don't think there is a catch.  Their business model is to get people using their service, then hope they'll upgrade to premium for $1/month.  No different than something like Spotify.
  • The catch is that competition has forced them to adjust their business model. That's a catch we can all get behind.
  • Curious what the limitation is of the free vs the premium service. I just updated my subscription a couple of months ago. Will have to find out.
  • Above article say "LastPass still offers a premium subscription, which includes family sharing, encrypted file storage and more for $1 per month.​"
  • KeePass FTW
  • How well does KeePass work on W10M?
  • 7pass, Winpass. Work perfect!
  • Where is the download QR Code? :)
  • Between this and Enpass, which is a better password manager. I used to rely solely on committing things to memory but it seems like I'm going to start needing one of these.
  • Enpass supports Windows 10 fully. LastPass is still stuck in Windows 8 I believe...
  • I would vote for EnPass. However, LastPass has an Edge extension. EnPass has embraced the Windows 10 UWP model, and integrates with Windows Hello very nicely. EnPass is supposed to have an Extension soon, but needs MS to enhance Edge to support features they want.
  • Enpass still waiting for should have been out by now or at least beta.
  • Enpass has a beta extension for Edge since July. Using it regularly. Go to, on the forum and the beta section
  • I'll still go for enpass, the thought of having all your password in the cloud scares me.
  • But if you share your enpass database between devices, you need to store that database in the cloud anyway, just in Onedrive or something.  So essentially not a lot different.
  • Yes that's true, but if you just want to. It does not do that automagically.
  • Encryption eases my mind.
  • And you can you the service you thrust. Or your own cloudserver.
  • ! nice!
    I am a long time LastPass user. Gave EnPass a try but returned to LastPass because their browser extensions are day and night
  • I did the same.
  • Exactly. I wanted to love EnPass and even paid for both the Android and Windows versions, but LastPass is just so much more convenient, especially on browsers.
  • This app is only for PC right?
  • Pc, mobile pretty much on anything running Android/iOS/Linux/Windows :)
  • Available on PC, W10M/WP, and tablets
  • Love LastPass! Great service! Now for free... Can't beat that! Don't get the 1Password hype... :)
  • Nice idea but, the security risks are too high.  Your better off putting an password protected Execl spreadsheet on your One drive and just open it/edit it where ever you are. If their system gets hacked....say bye bye to your security...
  • No. It's encrypted.  
  • Yea, On THEIR servers, that could be hacked... So, it's encrypted by the company and I am sure they could un-encrypt it... I guess to each their own... I work in IT as a systems admim who does security. Trust me, I would not trust keeping important passwords to something that is not controled by yourself.
  • They don't know your password and Lastpass decrypts your data on your device instead of their server.
  • well, that's silly. They have no way of actually decrypting it themselves, hence the very limited methods available for account recovery. Even their use of OTP is done in such a way that they still can't actually access your encrypted data. I was curious about it myself in regards to their ability to enable sharing, and someone clarified how it works above. I am confident that my data will stay encrypted on their servers. Granted, I've been moving away from them and on to EnPass due to their lack of support for UWP, and EnPass has great support.
  • Having passwords on a proptietary server is nuts.
  • It is encryped.
  • The human brain has better encryption...;)
  • Not really, since the human brain has difficulty remembering complex passwords, making hacking easier.
  • i can threaten a human with a crowbar to get a password. i can't threaten a machine with a crowbar to get a password. Relevant XKCD:
  • I do something like this to my password reminder list:
    - A********B
    Easy and I can remember the rest. Magical human brain.
  • Enpass desktop is **** compared to Lastpass, you can also use a Yubikey, a physical two step auntenticatin key gen.
  • Does it have two-step verification? I would prefer that over saving passwords to somewhere encrypted. What if their server gets hacked and hacker would get all the passwords of all of my accounts!!!!!
  • Yes, it has two-step via an app
  • If their server gets hacked, your passwords would be fine because they are encrypted.
  • Odd my accounts says suspended.. Any ideas.
  • You committed murder? Just an idea...
  • Nice
  • That just made my day! Got into using LastPass a few months ago as I have apalling memory, it's a great service.
  • I switched from Lastpass to Enpass recently. I like them both, but I prefer Enpass for the better Windows Phone support.
  • mSecure ftw.
  • This is good news since I unless I pay to extend my Enpass license to my other mobiles, I can't use my Windows 10 version of Enpass.
  • LastPass needs to overhaul it's WP immediately. It looks like it's built for MS-DOS. Horrid.
  • I'm not surprised. Even when there is a WP app it is usually behind in some way from its Android/iOS equivalent.
  • I'm not surprised. Even when there is a WP app it is usually behind in some way from its Android/iOS equivalent. Sorry, hit the comment button twice!
  • As I question security on it, even though it is encrypted...screw it, I downloaded it for all my devices... let's see how this works... Across iOS(iphone 6s), Android(lg g4), Windows 10 and WIndows phone(nokia ICON)... Yea, I get board with devices... one of each cant hurt can it ?
  • I bought a premium subscription 4 to 6 weeks ago. Now I'm wondering, what do I get for the subscription, now that it's free for multiple devices?
  • Come on Enpass...(and Microsoft!)...make an Edge extension possible.