Latest Surface Book 3 firmware update improves inking

Surface Book 3 Review Tablet
Surface Book 3 Review Tablet (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Surface Book 3 has a new firmware update.
  • The update includes a long list of improvements and fixes.
  • The fixes include improved inking and stability.

Microsoft shipped a firmware update for the Surface Book 3 recently. The update improves inking on the device, improves general stability, and includes several other fixes and improvements. While the update does include any new features, it does bring quite a long list of improvements to one of the best Windows laptops.

Microsoft's support page (opens in new tab) outlines all of the changes, which can also be found below.

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Windows Update History NameDevice Manager NameVersionUpdate
AMD - System - UART Controller - System devices1.2.0.112Improves system stability.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. - Display - 26.20.12059.3000AMD Radeon (TM) Vega 9 Graphics - Display Adapter / AMD Radeon (TM) Vega 11 Graphics – Display adapters26.20.12059.3000Improves system stability by addressing waking from sleep scenarios.
Surface - Firmware - 1.2545.140.0Surface UEFI - Firmware1.2545.140.0Addresses issues related to waking from sleep bugcheck and unexpected shutdown failure.
Surface - Firmware - 16.308.139.0Surface System Aggregator - Firmware16.308.139.0Improves battery reliability during low battery scenarios.
Intel Corporation - System - 1.0.1287.0Detection Verification - System devices1.0.1287.0Improves audio reliability.
Surface - Extension - Book Base v3 Firmware Update) - no Device Manager notes1.58.137.0Improves Surface Dock 2 reliability and addresses system bugcheck.
Surface - Firmware - System Aggregator - Firmware10.11.139.0Resolves the stability issues during low battery scenarios.
Intel Corporation - System - Smart Sound Technology (Intel SST) Audio Controller - System devices10.24.0.3694Improves device Sleep power consumption and addresses system bugcheck.
Intel Corporation - System - 10.24.3694.245Intel Smart Sound Technology (Intel SST) OED - System devices10.24.3694.245Improves device Sleep power consumption and addresses system bugcheck.
Surface - System - System Telemetry Driver - System devices2.14.137.0Facilitates power and thermal related data analysis.
Intel - Net - Wi-Fi 6 AX201 160MHz - Network adapters21.80.2.1Improves Wi-Fi performance resuming from sleep and Miracast connection performance.
Intel - Bluetooth - Wireless Bluetooth - Bluetooth21.80.0.3Resolves the issue with WiFi connection throughput and improves stability.
NVIDIA - Display - GeForce GTX - Display adapters26.21.14.4292Improves GPU stability and power consumption.
Dolby - SoftwareComponent - 3.20602.651.0DolbyAPO SWC Device - Software components3.20602.651.0Improves device audio performance and stability, and addresses 3rd party app compatibility and performance.
Surface - System - DTX - System devices3.83.139.0Improves connectivity and performance with USB Hub.
Surface - Firmware - Inch - Surface Touch Firmware / 15 Inch - Surface Touch Firmware - Firmware4.0.211.139Improves Touch and Pen stability.
Surface - Extension - Inch - Surface Touch Pen Processor / 15 Inch - Surface Touch Pen Processor) - no Device Manager notes4.212.139.0Improves Touch stability and improves pen inking when palm is also on screen.
Dolby - Extension - Inch - Dolby Device Extension) - no Device Manager notes5.224.130.56Fixes low volume output from internal speakers and improves audio reliability.
Dolby - Extension - Inch - Dolby Device Extension) - no Device Manager notes5.224.132.1Fixes low volume output from internal speakers and improves audio reliability.
Surface - System - Integration Service Device - System devices6.83.139.0Improves Surface Dock 2 reliability.

The update should be available now through Windows Update on the Surface Book 3.

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  • I had some problems on my SB3 this morning. Then I saw it was installing these updates. Then again a few hours later I had the same problem. Never had it before on my SB3. The problem is that it won't wakeup after screen power down for a few minute break and that Bluetooth is taking a long time to connect to surface keyboard. Surface precision mouse is working fine over Bluetooth. Hopefully from now on everything is working fine...
  • Hopefully this resolves my USB connection issues. Out of the blue, in the last two weeks or so, my ext. keyboard, mouse, and any other USB devices kept disconnecting/turning off for half a second and turn back on. It was enough to notice the freeze when working. I'd lose the mouse and was missing letters/numbers everywhere. Initially I believed it was the Surface dock (updated it to the latest firmware) and it was ok for a little while. Then it started happening intermittently where it was tolerable to several times per minute. I investigated the whole USB selective suspend and turned everything off. It was ok for a while and then wasn't tolerable. It led me to a reset last night (not a complete wipe) and even then. I spent the day working with my surface pro 5 with the same dock setup and it was fine. I was about to do a complete wipe tonight but then stumbled upon this article and forced an update. Everything has been stable for the last half hour. Let's see if it holds on. Colleagues also reported that my voice level was very low and kept cutting out. Fingers crossed. I'd be interested to know whether others had similar issues?
  • I had similar issues the last month but that was maybe a few seconds for a short period of time. Maybe once a day for a week. And it stopped two weeks ago or so? Camera freeze, black screen and then everything went back... Maybe it was a software problem? Maybe teams that was causing problems?
  • Maybe. Let's hope everything keeps working fine from hereon...for the price of the SB3, it really was frustrating.
  • Yesterday I had 4 blackscreens, no usb for about 10 seconds. All during Teams calls with my logitech brio webcam... Hopefully not today...
  • A detachable 10.9 inch Surface Book would be the perfect mobile 2 in 1.
  • too bad the mic is weird on the SB3. voice recording doesn't sound good