Leaked Windows 10 'Upgrade Assistant' lets you install the Creators Update early

Update: Some users are reporting several issues with using this tool, likely because this is a leak and Microsoft aren't ready for it to be used yet. We suggest avoiding it for the time being. Original article follows.

If you're a Microsoft fan and not a Windows Insider, we've got some good news for you. A test version of the Upgrade Advisor tool Microsoft plans to use for the Windows 10 Creators Update has leaked from Microsoft's own servers, allowing anyone to now download the Creators Update officially and get upgraded to build 15063.

Of course, considering we're still a couple of weeks away from the Creators Update rolling out officially, there are still some last minute bugs that Microsoft will probably want to squash. So keep in mind that if you install the Creators Update today via the leaked Upgrade Advisor, you might run into some minor issues before Microsoft starts patching them, hopefully this week.

Microsoft also released ISOs for the Creators Update to Insiders today. Although several people are confused by the naming of the ISOs, the build 15063 ISOs are indeed the "RTM" (Release To Manufacturing) ISOs for the Creators Update, and will be renamed and distributed elsewhere when Microsoft is ready to do so. For now, if you'd like to clean install the Creators Update with an ISO, the Insider Preview ISOs are the way to go as they'll give you the same RTM build anyway.

As I exclusively revealed a few weeks ago, Microsoft is planning an April 11th launch for the Windows 10 Creators Update, first targeting a select list of Anniversary Update devices, and eventually rolling out to everyone over the weeks following April 11. This is similar to how Microsoft rolled out the Anniversary Update, by doing it in waves to minimize widespread damage had anything gone wrong.

If you're interested in grabbing the leaked installer for yourself, check this link (via WalkingCat) to get started.

Thanks for the tip, Christopher Fernandez!

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