Add inexpensive Lego sets to your collection like the Lego Technic car down to $13

The Lego Technic Whack! 135-piece building kit is just $12.99 on Amazon. That's $3 off its regular price and one of its lowest prices ever. It never dropped below $16 until this month.

Lego Technic Whack! 135-piece building kit

Lego Technic Whack! 135-piece building kit

Buy one set or buy them all. The Whack! and Bash! cars were designed to be crashed into each other.

The companion get to the Whack! is the Bash!, and it's also on sale for $12.99 on Amazon. This is a similar model with a slightly different design and color, but they make a great pair for crashing into each other.

You can also go with the Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box set, which is on sale for $20.99 at Best Buy. All the pieces in this set and the others are compatible with each other.

The Whack! set lets you build a fast car with a powerful pull-back motor, a sturdy front bumper, a rear spoiler, and wide black rims with low profile tires. The engine pops out on impact. The set is made for ages 7 to 14. Users give it 4.8 stars based on 269 reviews.

John Levite
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