Lenovo debuts two education PCs with new AMD chips on board

Lenovo 100e Laptop Education
Lenovo 100e Laptop Education (Image credit: Lenovo / AMD)

What you need to know

  • AMD launched two new budget laptop processors today.
  • One of the chips is debuting in two new Lenovo education laptops.
  • The Lenovo laptops are expected to launch in September, starting at $219.

AMD has caught a lot of attention for its high-end desktop chips and Ryzen mobile processors lately, but it's still competing in the entry-level range as well. The company debuted two new budget processors today, one of which happens to be launching in two upcoming Lenovo laptops for education.

The new chips are named the AMD 3015e and 3020e, and they're meant to compete with Intel's Celeron processors at the low end. Both processors are built on AMD's "Zen" core architecture and include integrated Radeon graphics. The 3015e packs two cores and four threads, a 6W TDP, and a max boost clock of 2.3GHz. The 3020e, meanwhile, includes two cores and two threads with the same 6W TDP and a slightly higher boost clock of 2.6GHz.

Lenovo 300e Laptop Education

Source: Lenovo / AMD Lenovo 300e 2nd Gen. (Image credit: Source: Lenovo / AMD)

The first laptops to see these chips come as the Lenovo 100e 2nd Gen and 300e 2nd Gen, both of which come with the AMD 3015e. Both laptops come with Wi-Fi 6 on board and reinforced ports and hinges with "mechanically anchored keyboards" for extra durability. The 300e 2nd Gen separates itself by using the Yoga form factor for a 360-degree rotating screen, and adds pencil touch with an optional garaged pen.

The Lenovo 100e 2nd Gen and 300e 2nd Gen are expected to launch in September starting at $219 and $299, respectively.

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