Best AMD Ryzen laptops 2024

The best AMD Ryzen laptops generally deliver a high-performance package that costs less than something similar with Intel inside. While AMD laptops still aren't as common as Intel systems, there are plenty of great options on the market. Whether you're looking for a budget PC to handle general productivity work or a high-performance gaming laptop to power the latest titles, we've rounded up a bunch of the best AMD Ryzen laptops right here.

Choosing the best AMD Ryzen laptop

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Ryzen-powered laptops often slip under the radar, but the truth is there are some fantastic laptops out there using AMD hardware. If you don't want to spend too much and just need a PC for general productivity work and leisure, the Lenovo Yoga 6 (Gen 7) and the HP Pavilion Aero are both top picks. We've reviewed both of these laptops and came away impressed with what they have to offer, especially for the asking price.

Gamers who need the extra power afforded by a GPU and H-Series Ryzen processor should check out the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro (Gen 7) or the Razer Blade 14 for something a bit smaller and easier to carry around. If nothing here is really jumping out at you, be sure to have a look at our huge collection of the very best Windows laptops available today.

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