Lenovo customers affected by Superfish get first details on free anti-virus offer

Lenovo PC owners who bought one that had the Superfish adware installed will be able to sign up to get six free months of the McAfee LiveSafe anti-virus program service by March 16. Lenovo first announced this freebie last week as part of its attempt to appease its customers who purchase a laptop from the company that had Superfish pre-installed.

The company stated:

Today Lenovo is providing updated information about the free 6 month subscription (or free 6 month extension for existing subscribers) for McAfee antivirus service for Lenovo customers who purchased a Lenovo PC pre-loaded with Superfish software. We are working with Intel Security to provide this free service through an online system that will go live by March 16, when appropriate systems will be in place to process incoming requests.

The six free months is in addition to the 30 day free trial that's already set up for new McAfee LiveSafe users. Lenovo previously announced that Superfish, which was pre-installed on some of its notebooks between October and December of 2014, won't be installed on future PCs due to security concerns. It has already provided those owners an application that's designed to completely uninstall Superfish. It has pledged to release PCs with much less bloatware and adware in the future.

Source: Lenovo

John Callaham