Lenovo is working on a new version of its unique Yoga Book 2-in-1

The Lenovo Yoga Book was certainly one of the most unique computers to come out of 2016, largely thanks to its futuristic-looking touch keyboard that can operate as an inking surface as well. But while it garnered plenty of eyeballs due to its strange design, Lenovo never followed it up with another version in 2017. It looks like the company may be remedying that, however.

According to a new regulatory filing with Bluetooth SIG (via Liliputing), Lenovo is working on a second generation digital pen that works with an unannounced Yoga Book Pro 2. The filing provides no details other than confirmation that a Yoga Book Pro 2 apparently exists, but it's an interesting development.

The original Yoga Book was available with either Windows 10 or Android on board. A Chrome OS version was expected to launch later, but that version never made it to market.

It's hard to predict what to expect from a successor, but it's not unrealistic to expect a that a processor update is in the cards, potentially with Intel's latest 8th Gen lineup. The Yoga Book's highlight feature, its touch surface, is likely to return as well. It'll be interesting to see if Lenovo has managed to figure out a way to make what is essentially a Wacom tablet connected to the display easier to use.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • My brother in law bought one of these, on my advice, but could never get the haptic keyboard to vibrate when he clicked the key. It also intermittently wouldn't change orientation when he rotated the device. So he sent it back and bought an iPad. So I just hope that whatever they do, they work out some of the bugs, because he really loved it for the first few days.
  • I'll just say, it's even more interesting than before.
  • Daniel are you thinking AndromedaOS intresting?
  • Cool, but this is exactly the sort of product that should be on ARM and not Intel.
  • OMG it's happening!!!!
  • I was so close to buying the first one, but I just couldn't get past some of the shortcomings - microUSB being one. Can't wait for an update.
  • I was tempted to buy one for designing, sketching and note-taking. But in real life I like to use A4 or 3:2 aspect ratio paper not 16:10 or whatever it was.
  • This time, please put swipe enabled touch keyboard. No one likes to type on that thing. Plus swiping is faster than typing. Also, change the layout a bit, May be put some keys on left and silver on right with black space in between for writing using pen. So much of free consulting.
  • Yes Lenovo, bring the competition to the Surface.
  • Love my Yoga Book. Will get the new one if it upgrades to USB-C and also works out what to do with the track pad. Such a useless thing that you'd be better off leaving it out. Also, screen space is an issue. It's a tad small to use for windows. Interested to see what else they add to it.