The LG Gram is still the lightest laptop around

Okay, before you get all up in arms about that headline: yes, I understand there are lighter laptops than the LG Gram family. The Surface Pro comes in at about the same mass, and Lenovo's crazy YogaBook from a year or so back, well that's in a class by itself. But the LG Gram is, to me, the best blend of portability and usability if what you're going for is the lightest possible backpack.

I first reviewed the LG Gram last spring, and LG has been busy building out the family ever since. In fact the updated model I had handy for this quick look, the 13Z975, isn't even top-of-the-line anymore: it's been supplanted by the 13Z980 and 15Z980, recently reviewed right here at Windows Central. But the 975 packs enough updates over my 2017 review device –touchscreen, fingerprint scanner, and 8th-gen Core i7– that I thought it deserved a quick revisit. And having used it as my daily driver for a few days, it's gonna be tough to get used to the comparatively clunky monster that's next up on the review roster!

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