Light up your life with the new SteelSeries QcK Prism mousepad

Take a look at your current mousepad. If it looks beaten, forgotten, and neglected you may be considering what to replace it with. SteelSeries believes you'll require a mousepad that can light up your life and can be flipped thanks to the dual-sided premium surface. The QcK Prism itself doesn't move, but the micro-textured cloth and hard polymer surface can be extracted from the unit for easy cleaning.

The company's GameSense is also onboard with the new mousepad, fully supporting the 12-zone RGB illumination. The mousepad can be configured to react to in-game events such as low ammo, health, cooldown timers or when you score that all important first blood. It's a cool feature that will work wonders with other Prism-enabled gear and will feel familiar to those with Razer Chroma products.

QcK Prism

It's pricey, however, coming in it at $59.99. Still, should you be a fan of the brand and desire to take your desktop surface experience to the next level then you'll need not look further.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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