Lincolnshire police using WP7 in new fingerprint tech trial

This is pretty awesome, Lincolnshire county police are piloting new fingerprint technology and are using Windows Phone 7 (specifically a HTC device) with an app developed by Immersive Forensics, which scans the fingerprints in question and adds to/searches the bureau database. According to the report, the force primarily began using Blackberry devices and using email to send fingerprint scans, but the WP7 app and OS platform allows more scalability and connectivity that is required.

Matt Mears, CSI, explains:

"This quick and simple method of image submission allows the Fingerprint Bureau to receive, process and identify crime scene marks in real time. Images are being sent and received this way on a daily basis and have already resulted in successful identifications and detections. This technology has great potential. It is not limited to fingerprints, it also gives the capability to send footwear marks and crime scene photographs."

For the time being only two CSIs are using the application but police forces from other counties are looking to take full advantage of this new technology. Unfortunately, this app isn't available in the Marketplace for everyone to have fun with.

Source: Lincolnshire Police, via: The Lincolnite

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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