Linedock Review: It's not just for MacBooks

Apple's decision to nix a ton of useful ports in the switch to its new MacBooks hasn't just hurt MacOS users. Pick up a late-model ultrabook like the Huawei MateBook X and you too will feel the wrath of #donglehell as you try to live your life on a mere three USB ports. Fortunately, the folks behind Linedock were quick to see this trend for what it was, and while they weren't so quick to deliver their end product, I believe it was worth the wait.

Linedock is a lap-sized plate built to serve as a home for your USB-C enabled notebook while also extending its I/O to suit even the most demanding peripheral pro. Three USB-C; three USB-A; HDMI; Mini DisplayPort; and a full-size SD card reader get things started, while buried within there's also a Sandisk SSD and a 72 Wh battery to keep your laptop storing more and lasting longer. It's not cheap, and it's much (much!) later to market than its makers promised ... but for someone like me whose video-editing preferences keep him locked to a MacBook with too few ports, Linedock is a godsend.

Check out the video review above to learn more, and leave a comment below letting me know what you think! (Unless you're going to ask "why not just buy a laptop with enough ports to begin with?" ... because roughly 50,000 people in the YouTube comments have already beaten you to it. You clever cat, you.)

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