Catch, a fun touch puzzle game for Windows Phone 8

Catch is a casual game for Windows Phone 8 that calls upon you to connect like symbols together without getting your lines crossed.  The game is simply drawn-up but challenging enough to keep you interested.

The game has forty levels of game play with the free version with additional levels available through in-app purchase.  Catch also has a colorblind mode that adds a letter to the colored stars to make them distinguishable.

If you are looking for a challenging game to help you pass a few minutes with, Catch is worth a try.

The main menu with Catch has options to jump into the game, rate the game over in the Windows Phone Store, view other games from the developer and follow the developer on Twitter.  At the top right corner, you will find a mute button and as you begin each puzzle, an additional icon will appear that resembles an eyeball that turns on the colorblind mode.

Game play is simple with Catch.  Each puzzle will have an assortment of colored stars that you will need to connect the stars of the same color.  The paths connecting the stars must not cross and some levels contain bridges and overpasses to act as intersections.

To connect a series of stars, tap and hold on your starting point/star and draw a line to the next star of the same color.  Continue drawing until you connect all the stars of the same color.  Lines are drawn either vertically or horizontally.  Some puzzles will have barriers you have to draw around to make the connection and some barriers will allow for diagonal lines.

As you progress through the levels, game play gets a little more challenging with more stars added to the puzzle.

Overall, Catch is a fun game to consider for your Windows Phone.  It isn't a puzzle game that will drive you crazy but challenging enough to be an entertaining way to pass the time.  The first few levels are rather easy but allow you to get used to game play.   The first forty levels of puzzles are included with Catch with additional puzzles available through in-app purchase.  The Master Pack and Elite Pack both costs $.99 each and contains sixty levels per pack. 

Catch is a free game and available for Windows Phone 8.  You can find your copy here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Catch

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