LinkedIn adds video profiles and features to help you build your following

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What you need to know

  • LinkedIn now allows you to create a video cover story.
  • A new creator mode for LinkedIn makes it easier to build up a following.
  • LinkedIn now helps people see your live broadcasts by making them your profile background.

Microsoft's LinkedIn announced several new features that make it easier to build up your following on the platform. The social networking platform is rolling out an option to create a video cover story, a new creator mode, and a new feature to help promote LinkedIn Live broadcasters. LinkedIn outlines the improvements in a new blog post.

LinkedIn's new Cover Story feature lets you make a video profile of yourself. Within your cover story, you can share your professional story, expertise, and a bit of your personality. If you have a cover story, your profile photo will have an orange ring around it, and a preview of your video will silently play when people look at your profile.

In a study cited by LinkedIn, 76% of hiring managers believe seeing a video of a job seeker would be useful.

The new creator mode for LinkedIn makes it easier to build up a following on the network. With it, you can add hashtags to show which topics you are interested in. The mode also switches the "Connect" button to a "Follow" button and moves your featured and activity sections to the top of your profile.

LinkedIn Live broadcasters will now have their profile background show their live broadcast when they start streaming. This should help improve the visibility of streamed content.

In addition to the new features aimed at creators, LinkedIn added the option to add your gender pronoun to your profile.

These new features start rolling out this week, so you may have to wait a few days before you see them on your profile.

Mary Jo Foley has a piece for ZDNet that breaks down how Microsoft is focusing on creators and communities. We've also seen that push in Microsoft's pursuit of Discord.

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