Live from Mobile World Congress 2012!

OK, all you Windows Phone fanatics out there. We've got boots on the ground in surprisingly sunny Barcelona, Spain, for Mobile World Congress 2012. Microsoft doesn't have the in-your-face presence of years past since Windows Phone 7 no longer is the young upstart OS of years past. But as you can see from the clock on the Hotel Catalunya, just across the street from the Fira de Barcelona where we'll be spending a lot of time this week, the folks from Redmond are certainly letting us know they're here.

And we're here as well. So check back all next week for live coverage from the Mobile World Capital and your friends at Mobile Nations!

Phil Nickinson

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  • Cant wait for the announcements:)
  • Too
  • Cool.
  • Any chance Microsoft will talk about Apollo? Or will it be ll about Tango and Windows 8?
  • Well last year they talked about mango, and that didn't come out to the end of the year so there's possibility. I at least want to know if my focus flash will be updated to Apollo
  • I am not too worry. Our phones will run Apollo either offically or unoffically.
    I just don't want to go to the unofficial route.
  • great will we be waiting for the coverage good luck :)
  • Surprisingly sunny in Spain? Seriously? Oh man you need either more culture or travel more.
  • Well maybe the forecast there said it would pour :P
  • haha ok I take it back then.
  • Woo-hoo!! I wish I could be there :/
  • Like most Windows Phone fans in the Midwestern United States, in hoping for a Nokia invasion for US Cellular. Thanks for the coverage!
  • Hope there'll be lots of news on W8 & WP8. Would like to know particularly whether my Radar would be updated to WP8.
  • Awesome eagerly waiting for wp7 news
  • Have fun guys, don't forget to bring us tons of news!
  • Thanks for the coverage guys!
  • BARCELONA!!!!!!
  • Pretty sure all handsets will be updated to Apollo just like then 3GS got updated to iOS5
  • I agree. There might be a feature or two that just wouldn't work with older handsets, but that is par the course. They will be updated.
  • Wait, is that Phil Nickinson posting on WPCentral? Way to go Phil!!!
  • Don't forget to visit the Barcelona Pavilion by Mies Van der Rohe, it's a few minutes away walking! Best place to take some photos&videos ;D
  • Right on w the van der rohe love
  • Pretty cool!! Go Windows Phone!!
  • What's that clock supposed to be saying?