Live Search for Windows Mobile Gets Updated

Speaking of Live Services, we'd actually heard this was in the pipeline way back during CTIA 2008, and now it's here: a new update to the excellent Live Search App. Go grab it now at

WLS already offered excellent local search, maps, driving directions, traffic info, gas prices, and movie times. Now we see that the new update adds:

  • weather (finally!)
  • Web search
  • a little section called “collections” that you can basically think of as saved searches combined with a mini-rss reader.
  • We also hear that it's fully compatible with Windows Mobile 6.1, for the handful of you out there who've managed to snag a Touch Dual at Best Buy.
  • Bluetooth headset support for spoken searches
  • You can delete recent locations (i.e., the following is a thing of the past: “What's that hon? Oh, see, I was just driving by that strip club when I was looking for the nearest taco stand. Honest!”)

Did we mention that WLS is excellent? It's Bill & Ted excellent, free and a must-install for every Windows Mobile device, bar none.

WC Staff