Lode Runner Classic shows up for Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone too [Video]

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You can run, but you can't hide on Xbox LIVE

Although Contract Killer was known to be coming to Xbox LIVE today (and sure enough, it’s out) it looks like Microsoft slipped in a 2nd title—Lode Runner Classic.

The game fetches for $2.99 and is a throwback to the old school arcade games from the 1980s. In fact, many of you will have childhood flashbacks with this one as it was quite popular with home PC systems which include the Apple II series, the Atari 8-bit family, the VIC-20, the Commodore 64 and the IBM PC and it’s known to be the first game with a level editor.

Gameplay is straightforward—run through mazes and do things. Okay, we’re way oversimplifying as this game actually has a lot going on for it (just see the tutorials). There are an included 150 levels which should keep people busy for a long time and it seems like a fair amount of gameplay versus what you’re paying for it.

Check our video hands on and more details after the break...

The music is dark and Sci-Fi and the optional game controls should make everyone happy—heck you can even customize colors in the game. Other features include:

  • 150 puzzling levels – all unlocked and accessible
  • Clever, non-disposable enemies
  • New magnification effect – zoom the action around the Runner
  • Multiple play speeds – super slow to superfast action
  • 2 control schemes – virtual D-pad and touch controls
  • Illustrated How to Play section
  • Xbox LIVE Achievements and Leaderboards

We haven’t had too much time to play with it but as you can see with our video above, so far we’re actually really liking this and we think it’s a keeper. Head here to the Marketplace to pick up the trial of the game. Thanks, Scott W., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • $2.99, yikes.
  • insulting at $2.99
  • I'm grateful that I never have to consider $2.99 as "insulting" for entertainment. 
  • Me too.  I just spent $4.00 on a Pepsi at the zoo.  Now that's insulting.  
    $2.99 is too much for a game?  That's insulting to the developers who worked hard on this. 
  • +1
  • Nothing will ever compare to the $9.99 I spent on the geocaching app. Then soon after I bought it they release a free one. Still worth what I paid for it. That's the most I paid for an app.
  • Well said Daniel. The hysteria and over use of "excitable" language in most comments section makes me laugh. (See "I've been screwed re: Lumia" :) )
    In the UK, my Starbucks coffee with Caramel is 2.90 UK pounds. That's about $4.30 of your US dollars.
    So basically, I pee out more than the cost of this game at the urinal LOL
    Yet they still complain. Over bloated sense of entitlement. I despair.
  • I had to chime in here.  Your 2.90 UK/$4.30 US Coffee is your choice, and personally, I love coffee but, that's just crazy. It's also your choice, you want a taste and they are the only ones who have it, so you pay it.
    As for the game in question. They took an old game (I believe it was for the NES, just get VNESlight and the rom to save $2.00) put a on screen controller on it and added xbox achievements and they are charging $3 for it. If they enhanced the old game in a way, say updated the grapics a little bit or sound, or something to "update" it, I can see charging $3.
    My problem is, this same app (I would like to be proven wrong if it is more), is no more than $0.99 for Android or iOS. I would almost bet on it... And... It's a Emulated classic game for $2 more than it should be.
    That is just my thoughts....
  • Subjective. You can feel that way, it does not mean the value is .99 cents however.
  • @DavidinCT FWIW, I can't even find it on the Android Marketplace at all--not for free, not for $0.99. There is a knock off called "Android Runner" but it's not the same game. An updated version of Lode Runner did launch on iOS a few years ago--for $4.99. So at least for parity, so far Windows Phone looks like it's doing okay?
  • I don't care whether its on other platforms, or comparing it. Thats irrelevant.
    If you have a Windows Phone, you need the Windows version.
    My comparison was to show that a micropayment of 4 dollars for a coffee, which to a western living consumer who can afford a phone on contract and a computer and internet connection and electricity etc etc can spend 4 dollars like it doesn't matter, its not even significant.
    This game price is likewise insignificant, if you want the game - quite moaning and pay the stupidly small amount of money and play. If not, shut up, don't buy it and move along. There is no need for anyone to quesion this amount for a game, its a non debate - just children or freeloaders with a screwed up sense of value.
  • +1
  • How come it's never $1.99
  • Mobile phone users must be the cheapest ones in the world. Can you ever enjoy a pizza or something like that?
  • Are most children? I can afford 2.99, its all up to the app. If I want it or not. Personal preference. If you buy it at least if you uninstall it you can install it for free again. Can't do that with a lot of other things.
  • Yes!
  • Heh heh you said lode.
  • Gimme Jumpman or give me death!
  • Jumpman or Jumpman Jr would be awesome, but I think the game play would be too fast for touch.
  • And as the only users here old enough to remember Jumpman... we're now too slow to play it anyway ;-)
  • Speak for yourself mate ;) I love those games as a kid, and I don't consider myself old :P
  • I do feel that old arcade games should be below the $2 mark. With 99 cents being the ideal
  • Yea, $2.99 Yikes ! Looks like fun but, unless they did some upgrading.... come on, I know we like classic games but, couldnt they do some minor HD upgrades to it to make it feel a little newer. Then it might be worth $2.99.
    Otherwise it's just a port with a plugin for onscreen controler and xbox achivements... $0.99 yes, $2.99 no.
    Too bad, It looks "fun" but, Unless it's a really good deal,  am not buying any more WP7 games, as fall will be here before you know it and would prefer to buy games for my new Window Phone 8 device (yea, worthy games).
  • At least play the trial before you knock it. This isn't a 1 day wrapping of a ROM. It's a full port/remake with graphics that honour the original, awesome music, and a choice of d-pad or touch controls. You can see they've spent a lot of effort on it.
  • I never liked that game. Wouldn't install if it was free. 2¢
  • Lode Runner is well worth $3. Can't wait to pick this up tomorrow.
  • Awesome!! Just downloaded and played a level - thanks devs who brought this fun game to Lumia 900!
  • So negative all the damn time
  • I know right! Sheesh.
  • I loved this game as a kid on C64! I'll definitely be checking this out :)
  • I spent lots of time on this game. Creating your own levels was freaking amazing. It won't be the same without using the keyboard, though. What's next? Sammy Lightfoot, Wavy Navy, or Wizardry?
  • Glad I "tried".  Controls a compromise for touch screen.  Good try, but not worth it for me.  Thanks for the C64 flashback.
    I'm hoping the 7.8 upgrade enables that hidden slideout gamepad on the Lumia 900 that no one has noticed.
  • $2.99 for a centuries old game is a bit much IMHO. I used to write stuff like this in ZX Specturm BASIC.
  • Good luck building this game for $3
  • Looks fun to me, and still cheaper then a 8 oz Red Bull
  • Love load runner, will check it out
  • The controls are the hardest to get used to... I prefer the screen-size of touch controls, but wish for an overlay d-pad :/ I don't want the controls to take up so much screen real estate