Long queues in China for second batch of Lumia 920, yellow variant sold out

The Nokia flagship store in Shangai, China has received its second batch of Lumia 920 stock. Now one would think that the second number of units would sell comfortably, but the Nokia store has already sold out on the yellow variant in just 20 minutes. This is yet more news of the Lumia 920 not meeting consumer demand.

The Lumia 920 was made available at the Shangai Nokia store earlier this month, and we covered some photos that were published showing large consumer interest with many queueing up to get their hands on the flagship Windows Phone. Previously, the first batch of stock lasted only 2 hours, so the 20 minutes is quite an improvement, or the number of units available second time round was less.

China is an important market for any manufacturer, not to mention the platform smartphones will be powering. Windows Phone has broken into China quickly, as shown in recent Kantar data. This was also the case with the Lumia 800, which launched in the country earlier this year. In fact, it was reported that the Lumia 800 overtook the iPhone with regards to marketshare. Who would have though, eh?

Nokia Lumia 920 Crowd

Crowd gathering for first batch of Lumia 920s at the Shangai store

Microsoft currently owns just 3% of the smartphone market in China (according to Kantar data), and with Lumia Windows Phones appearing to sell like hotcakes it paints a positive picture for 2013. Huawei is expected to unveil its Ascend W1 Windows Phone at CES 2013, which will then be unleashed in several markets, including Asia.

We still wait on exact sales figures for the Lumia 920, but from what's been reported in multiple markets, we'll be betting that a fair few have been shipped but it could well be that Nokia just hasn't been able to produce enough.

via: Nokia Power User; thanks, sunny, for the tip!

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