A look at a new build of TouchFLO 3D

Oh, the HTC HD2 (aka the Leo) is the gift that keeps on giving. ROMs have been floating around for a while now, and Pocketnow's taken a new build of TouchFLO3D 2.5, ripped out of a Leo ROM, for a spin.

What's new in Build 1919? There's a Twitter tab, e-mails are much more readable without the old envelope-style view. The calendar app continues to improve. Weather and wallpaper are animated. The Footprints tab (remember that?) is around. Facebook and YouTube integration.

Anyhoo, check out the video yourself after the break. We still don't know what build (or version, for that matter) of TouchFLO 3D may be built into the first official releases we see Oct. 6 Super Duper Windows Mobile 6.5 launch day. But let's hope we see some of this included.

Phil Nickinson

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  • i really thing TouchFlo 3D is getting too bloated for the interface paradigm, but that Twitter tab is rather nifty. It would be really cool if they added RSS capability to the tab so that you could keep track of RSS feeds. On that note, i'm surprised they haven't just added a chat client for the popular chat services, but i suppose they have to save something for a future update.
  • I have to agree with this a little bit. Touch FLow is nice but it does seem to be getting a little bit too much. Sort of like all the new antivirus software on store bought PC's. They try to do everything, from virus protection to spyware, to network protection, to....ans so on. I wonder when Mobile 6.5 is released, what users will do. I love the 6.5 interface and would rather use it than use touch FLow.
  • just give me that twittering tab and I'll be happy
  • I'm sure this gets asked alot and I can't find a clear answer. Is the Leo coming to Sprint? Some one please tell me Yes!!!!
  • not at the moment. as far as we all know, its a gsm quad band phone. not cdma.
  • yes. God bless the XDA.
  • This ROM Update looks really cool. I recently purchased HTC Touch Pro 2 and I'm hoping HTC will allow me to update. Any word if I'll be able to update my TP2?
  • Instructions and "how to's" for upgrading your ROM at http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=97. There is a separate thread for GSM and CDMA phones. Also xda-developers.com is a good resource.
  • like usual, htc will not update, please go to xda forums, i've personally seen many tp2 LEO roms.
  • Does the Messaging Tab show conversational SMS, or does it only show individual messages, meaning you have to use the ugly (but functional) WinMo conversational view?
  • don't worry, looks nothing like WiMo conversatons. its also unified, you'll see email, messages and facebook updates.
  • ??????? ?? ??????!
  • I agree with above posters that thanks to sites like PPCGeeks and XDA-Developers, We HTC owners don't have to wait for outdated carrier or manufacturer updates. We always have the latest roms/tf versions available to us.
    Even if you do not know how to flash a rom, they have created detailed instructions to help you. The current Leo
    tf3d2 UI is already available on XDA-Developers for GSM models.... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=562773 . It would be great to have the carriers and HTC to constantly provide updates to the software as advancements are made, but we all know that they are already focused on the next phone to be released. I do not like this reality any more than any other HTC owner, but at least we have the communities to fill the gaps. That is probably the main reason why year after year, I stick with HTC.
  • HTC sucks. It improves the interface about 20% with each new releases instead of fully taking over WM 6.1 interface like what Samsung did with Omnia II and Omnia II is selling at a very reasonable price as well.
  • Very nice. Hope to see this build in the WM6.5 update to my Sprint Touch Pro 2.