Lost Fishy Free, a wild game of underwater survival

Lost Fishy is a challenging arcade game for Windows 10 designed in the spirit of the classic game, Flappy Bird. Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Lost Fishy calls upon you to guide a small fish through a treacherous underwater maze collecting a series of coins.

Controls are simple, graphics have that old-school 8-bit appearance and gameplay can be brutal. The free version of Lost Fishy is ad-supported, with the $0.99 Ultimate version that not only removes the ad support, but also unlocks all three underwater mazes.

All in all, Lost Fishy is a fun time waster of a game when you need help passing short bits of time.

The primary menu for Lost Fishy is not very complicated, with options to buy the Ultimate version ($0.99) and jump into gameplay. A tutorial screen greets you before the action starts that outlines the game controls. For touchscreen devices, tapping the screen controls the fish's swimming and vertical position. Tilt controls are responsible for the fish's direction.

Lost Fishy is available for Windows 10 PC and has support for keyboard controls. The space bar handles the swimming duties while the left and right directional arrows control the fish's direction.

Tapping the tutorial screen sends you into the game and you need to be ready. The fish immediately begins to sink like a rock and if you do not begin to tap the screen, the game ends abruptly. Each game provides you with three fish lives with bonus lives available every time you collect 20 coins in a row.

Speaking of which, while surviving the underwater mazes is essential for success, the goal is to collect all the coins that are scattered about the environment. The number of coins collected represents your score and unfortunately, there is not a game store available to use the coins to unlock new fish styles or accessories (hats, glasses, costumes, etc.) for your fish.

The mazes with Lost Fishy are complex and full of dangers. If you need to review an overview of the maze, a map button is nestled in the upper left corner of the display. The map view can be scrolled and zoomed in/out by touch. These mazes are complex environments and include dangers such as outreaches of coral, rotating swords and exposed sewer pipes.

Lost Fishy is not a very forgiving game. If your fish touches any of these dangers or any part of the maze, it goes belly-up. This makes this Windows 10 game extremely difficult to master. If you tap too fast, you bounce the fish off the ceiling. If you tap too slow, it sinks and slams into the floor. Tilt the phone too much or not enough and one of the protruding dangers ends your journey.

While this does give the game a healthy level of difficulty, I wouldn't mind having a little more forgiveness. Maybe adding a damage meter to the fish where a single brush up against the maze wall doesn't do you in. As is, do not be shocked if it takes you several attempts to score double-digit coins.

The graphics are full of color and detail, with the retro-styled pixelated graphics. Controls are not difficult to get a handle on and while gameplay is easy to learn, it is brutally challenging to master. If you somehow find the game too easy, there is a hardcore difficulty level available that increases gravity's effect on the fish.

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Lost Fishy is a free, ad-supported game. There is an Ultimate version of the Windows 10 game available for $0.99 that removes the ad support and unlocks two additional underwater environments (Underwater Sewers and Sunken Pirate Ship).

I do not think Lost Fishy could hold up to marathon gaming sessions, but for shorter periods it is a fun game to pass the time with.

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