LucidSound LS1X headset review: Possibly the best monopiece chat headset on the market today

Chat headsets were in vogue during the Xbox 360 days, but they aren't as prominent as they once were. The LucidSound LS1X is a solid contemporary option for those who want something a little more retro.

LS1X headset
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Chat headsets were all the rage back in the Xbox 360 days, but modern gaming headsets that offer a more immersive experience have come a long way since then, seeing mono-piece chat headsets slip into the background a bit. The LucidSound LS1X, however, is a really great option for those looking for something a little simpler, like the good old days.

Here's our review of this uniquely premium (yet still affordable) mono piece.

What you'll love about the LucidSound LS1X

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The LucidSound LS1X is a rare modern mono piece chat headset, complete with an open back design perfect for those with existing audio setups. It's also ideal for those who don't want to wear a bulky isolating headset and want something quick and straightforward for communicating over Xbox Live or other chat services.

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FormatOpen back monopiece
Connectivity3.5mm cable
Frequency response80 to 8,000 Hz

Its unusually high-quality speaker makes for excellent sound reproduction for voice chat, making it one of the better headsets out there for hearing your teammates. The perforated speaker ensures that, despite wearing a headset, you'll still get the full audio from your external sound system in both ears.

One pitfall I often encounter with 3.5mm headsets it that, for whatever reason, the microphone picks up the audio from the person you're talking to. Thankfully this isn't the case with the LS1X. The highly-flexible microphone is also great for ensuring it's not positioned in an awkward place, regardless of your head shape. It also has a mute notification LED, which is a handy touch.

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The mono piece headset has a volume control dial on the outer rim, along with a mute button baked into the middle. They function as expected, and give some added convenience rather than having to dig into the Windows or Xbox settings to adjust your audio experience.

The headset is generally comfortable, with airy fabric and an adjustable strap to keep it in place on your head. I would have liked to have seen a bit more foam across the top, but the headset is so light that it won't be an issue for the vast majority of people.

What you'll dislike about the LucidSound LS1X

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There's very little to actually dislike about the LS1X, especially when you consider its generous $25 price. The 50mm speaker drivers, high-quality microphone, and polished sound experience exceeded my expectations, but it's clear LucidSound has made some uncharacteristic concessions to build quality.

LucidSound is generally known for premium quality, and at least from an outward standpoint, the headset certainly looks the part, with matte plastics with a few glossy trims and accents. The action on the volume dial is a little concerning, however, as the dial itself seems to grind against the plastic, making me wonder how long it will last in practice. Truth be told, you probably won't be using it very much anyway if you're only using the headset for chat audio. But really, that's the only flaw I could derive from a few days use with the product. It's simply good.

Should you buy the LucidSound LS1X?

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I've used a few contemporary mono piece headsets in recent times, and I have to say, the LS1X is by far the most impressive so far. LucidSound's attention to audio quality continues to impress, even in this affordable price range.

The construction doesn't feel as reassuring or dense as some of the LS1X's more expensive cousins, but if you take care of it, I doubt you'd have any issues. Simply put, this might be the best mono piece Xbox chat headset on the market today.

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