Magenta Lumia 900 exclusively launching from AT&T on July 15th

Nokia has today announced the pink Lumia 900 exclusively for AT&T in the US. The device is identical to the Lumia 900 we know and love, which is already stocked by the carrier in white, black and cyan. We've continuously looked at hints of a possible pink / magenta Lumia 900, and this announcement will please those who wish to stand out from the crowd.

As with all Lumia devices, customers will be able to take advantage of the app collection, which is exclusive to Nokia Windows Phones. Unfortunately there's no word on availability outside the states, though we'd imagine the manufacturer will launch the colour globally.

With Windows Phone 8 just around the corner, we expect many to hold onto their hard-earned cash for more advanced and future proof hardware. But should you choose to go for the magenta Lumia 900, then fear not as Windows Phone 7.8 will be on its way later this year.

Source: Nokia; Thanks, Bailey and Joe, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Took so long, people settled for other colors already.
  • What's the point with Apollo just around the corner? They maybe able to capture female sales...?
  • you might be supprised to knwo that ALLOT of people dont give a crud about Getting Apollo....
    80% of Smartphone users just want a phone that works and Dont even know about what Apollo even is.... how you think Android  sales somany low end phones with out the lates upgrade? people dont care/dont know.
  • U are so correct, I know about 15 non techy people that don't give a rat's a$$ about what version of Android OS they have. Can they make calls,send txt, check emails,surf the web,listen to music,play common games? Is yes they they are completely happy. They all have the " I can't miss something if I never had it" mentality.
  • They might care about getting things like Skype that can actually receive calls in the background, and also things like editing emails before forwarding them, or being  able to backup your data beyond media files. They might not know about Apollo but there is functionality they would expect that is still lacking in Windows Phone. So there are valid reasons why even if they dont know the latest geek news recommending a current WP handset is not the best thing for the user.
    Its a pity some cant see beyond their preference for this OS to recognise recommending WP blindly may not be serving the end user the best way.
    I support a range of devices where I work and most people can't be bothered with whether their phone is up to date on software nor care. They use it for phone calls, texting, email and minimal to moderate web browsing. These people are in the majority. Whether it's android, WP7 or iOS, they simply do not care or do not have a clue about the software.
    They are oblivious to this kind of stuff, trust me. It goes the same with computers as well. I can't tell you how many people are clueless about what they are using. Some of them still can't even handle the transition from using a floppy drive to a USB drive.
    The lot of us who check this website, we care, it may be important to us, but we are definitely in the minority.
  • Point is WP7 is still missing some basic functionality that now will never be added. Every tried to email your resume in reply to an email request? How about editing a playlist on the go? Thats the kind of basic stuff that will probably never come to WP7 devices. The esoteric stuff about what version of OS is running doesnt need to matter if the device can handle basic tasks. When it cant I think some users will be better served waiting or going with another platform.
  • Emailing a resume is not considered basic task...
  • What's the difficulty with emailing a resume? Open Office, select document (on phone or SkyDrive), click share, select your email account, document is now attached. Write rest of email.... Profit?
  • Yeah I really don't care all that much about Skype when other options exist... =/
  • I visit both AT&T stores in my area ( Eastside of Columbus) almost everyday and any time I visit I see at least one person buying Lumia 900 phone even after the announcement of Appollo with all the unanswered questions that comes with 7.8. The point is there are billions of smartphone users who don't care about how Skype run on their phones or how they can edit emails on the phone. They just want a phone that appeals to their egos and can do the basic everyday tasks effectively. These are the target of AT&T and Nokia with the new Non-Apollo devices being introduced and not the the 'supergeeks' like you.
  • @theeffman You're supposed to be one of the biggest WP supporters here and you make a statement like that?
  • You're right! Many people just need a phone that works smoothly to meet their daily basic tasks. And Lumia do it jobs well. Until now the exclusive apps from Nokia are just impressive, other WP brands such as Samsung, HTC is still behind Lumia.
  • I have a sister-in-law whose Focus has not been updated even to NoDo. She just uses it to make calls, text, occasionally email and that's about it. She's not worried about too much else. The main reason she has the phone is it was her son's and he wanted the status symbol iPhone.
  • I have seen 12 people with WP and i can tell you they don't no anything about the operating system. That's all 12. I had to tell them about some of the cool features like the integrated Facebook or pinning live tiles to the start screen. Believe or not some just want to do basic things with there smartphone. Actually a couple of people got the phones just became it was their favorite color lol. I had a Android phone user when I was showing him how easy it was to download ringtones from the apps. He was impressed with easyRing&Music and said to me " That's because you have a Windows phone". Basically not everyone carries a bad vibe about MS phones. Basically tech geeks get all involved in that kind of stuff.
  • The AT&T reps will use the "No winphone 8 update" agrument to persuade people to buy other phones.  The reps have no love for winphone for some reason.
  • I am a AT&T representative and I DO recommend the Lumia over any device. Most AT&T reps don't care about software updates, the reason why they don't recommend WP is because is not as popular as iPhones or Androids and they don't want customers to come to the store and start asking how to questions. I do find this kind of sad because I like to educate people as much as I can, but the reality is that AT&T reps just want to sell and that's it.... (I am an exception of course, at least I believe I am)
  • lol , i hope you do..
    im a rep too and frankly i dotn care what the client wants
    ... if client says Iphoen I sale Iphone , if they say WP, I sale the end of the day i want my $$$ lol.
    like when people ask me about Android , sure i could bash it all day with malware and crashes and bugs no updates and blah blah , but i dont . I tell them its A GREAT PHONE :) LOL and sale it!!
  • I do try to sell WP first but if the customer does not want it, I automatically sell him/her what he/she wants. Also it depends on the customer.. But I am not to focused on the money...
  • You are definitely not an exception, at least after the introduction of the Lumia 900 and subsequent training sessions by Nokia and MS to AT&T staff, many of them that I know of have fallen in love with Wp platform and are always saying good things about Windows Phone.
  • J4rrod if you can get here you will get acepted for sure !!!
    The fact people settled for other colors is nothing compared to the fact this devices arn't selling :(
  • I'm totally baffled by the first half of your message and the link
  • Spamer ,
    sady I dont have asses to deleting comments :(
  • He always posts nonsense like this
  • Oh, calm down. And what do I post that is nonsense? Please let me know.
  • This is cool can't wait to check it out I still think Nokia will make a 900 style WP8
  • Isn't that T-Mobiles color?
  • can they NOT be leveraging these details?? =P
  • What? So now T-Mobile owns pink and no one else can use it?
  • What Nokia needs to do is sell the Lumia phones unlocked that works in all band. They did this in the past. Now they are being gay and holding back and their stock is sinking.
  • Depends where you buy it from. I don't know the situation in the US but in Australia most phones are triple or quad-band. It will generally work with Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Virgin etc. (Only NextG & 4G are special). Is that not the case for most countries (works across multiple carriers)?
  • 7.8 is a slap in the face
  • Please sir, may I have another... #50shades =P
  • LMAO!
  • Getting nothing would be a slap in the face
  • Too late lol. Cyan wp8 ftw!
  • I will add a +1 to the argument about most none geeks not giving a damn about updates. I've seen it over and over again. Even girlfriends of extremely geeky people don't give a damn. Their geeky bfs try to make them aware of the benefits of updating their OS but they still don't care. I even know people studying a computer related degree who still don't care. Geeks (who are 99.99% of the people who visit this site) are definitely part of the minority. The only power geeks have is that they can sometimes affect other people's buying behaviour. That's the only reason big tech companies usually try to keep them happy. And no I am not trying to make MS look good. It's just the reality. Some people simply don't give a damn. Geeks have a hard time getting this...
  • I had really expected them to release the model on Verizon or (at least) T-Mobile...I suppose this only shows AT&T's hard-core support for Windows Phone.
  • T-Mobile or Verizon didn't even get the Lumia 900.
  • I think he knows that...
  • Mt wife just saw this and said she want this model. She could care less about WP8. Although she thought the new start screen looks cool, she just needs email, text (she loved texting I the car without having to pick up her headset when needed), occasional web browsing and making calls. Her requirements as are the majority of people not on this site are minimal.
  • My mom will want this too. I don't think she'll wait for WP8, which doesn't matter to her since everyone is getting WP 7.8.
  • colors to match the surface
  • I showed this phone to my wife and she was very exicted. And she doesnt even know what is symbian or windows 7 or 8.
    I am sure Women will be thrilled with this since i dont see any mobile ever built specifically for a woman's taste... Lets see how it goes.
  • @theefman you are so right. Just look at all the people crying who bought a lumia 900 that can't be updated. WP8 is a major update. Uh then to bring up android. What a joke. You can hack androids to death. Not possible with windows phones.
  • Okay, now that the magenta L900 is exclusive, someone plz convince ATT to start unlocking off-contract L900s, for us in the US buying a Rogers version from Canada is way too expensive :(