Mailbird review: Customizable and lightweight email on Windows 10

There's no shortage of email clients on Windows 10 but finding the right one for your workflow can take some effort. In our roundup of the best email apps for Windows 10 we looked at Mailbird. It's an app that doesn't take up much processing power on your PC and packs quite a few features.

For this review, we took a deeper look into Mailbird to see if it's worth being your primary mail app.

There's a free version available for Windows or you can purchase a lifetime subscription for pro features for $29.50. The pro version allows you to use unlimited accounts, gets you the speed-reading feature, among a number of other advantages (opens in new tab).

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Covering the basics and beyond

All email apps need to cover the basics such as sending and receiving emails, filtering emails, and other general email related features. Mailbird does all these well and without a hitch. But what makes Mailbird worth taking a longer look at is its lengthy feature list. You can use a unified inbox for all your inboxes, integrate apps like WhatsApp and Slack with the app, and snooze messages. You can also use a variety of keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks, including using CONTROL+ALT+SPACE to instantly compose a new email.

The integrations with apps are nice because you don't have to jump into another window to continue your communication on Slack, Facebook, or a number of other services, but it isn't much more than just moving those services inside the app. You don't a lot of integration features other than it being more convenient.

All of these features add up to a comprehensive email and communicating experience. I get what seems like an unlimited amount of emails and Mailbird's attachment search could easily save me some time. There's also a built-in speed-reading feature. Using these always makes me feel a bit uneasy as hundreds of words flash into my eyes per minute, but I admit that it does work well and can come in handy for longer emails.

Attractive design

If you get a lot of emails, you'll have to look at your email app quite a bit. Mailbird has a design that feels open rather than cramped and gives you a number of customization choices. You can choose themes, including a full dark theme option, and choose horizontal and vertical orientations for the app.

You can also change the scaling of the entire app's user interface or specific parts of the app such as email. This is a nice addition because some screen sizes and DPIs can make app interfaces appear too large or too small by default. My eyesight isn't what it used to be, so I've bumped up the scaling to 130 per cent.

Overall thoughts on Mailbird

Mailbird has an attractive design that you can customize and a long feature list that make it worth considering when it comes to a primary mail client. Its integrations with other apps makes it easy to continue communicating across platforms, and its keyboard shortcuts make it easy to get work done quickly.

I'd like to see Mailbird come to the Microsoft Store, but the apps's website makes it easy to install it directly. The price for pro features is higher than some will pay for an email application, but the pro version gets you quite a few features that are fully broken down on Mailbird's website (opens in new tab). If you need a cheaper option, the free version still has quite a few nice features and the same attractive design.


  • Customizable
  • Integrates with popular services
  • Speed reading options


  • Not available through Microsoft Store
  • High price for premium features

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Sean Endicott
News Writer and apps editor

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  • Can WC do a review of only email hosting services specially the secure ones?
  • For one, the price for a "lifetime" is really quite inexpensive, I wouldn't call that a "High Price" by any stretch of the imagination. Also, it is quite frequently on sale through various "Tech News" outlets for a lot less than the $29.50 suggested. I used it for quite some time and the reason I did was mostly to have several apps in "one" single portal. So I had my five or six email accounts set up, Twitter, LifeHacker, Todoist, and more. One stop shopping. Oh, btw... the "speed reading" feature is quite cool and very underrated in my opinion. The two things that were wonky was and is the Contact integration with an Exchange account, takes quite a bit of fiddling to get it to work, and no real Calendaring function directly from Exchange. The only reason why I have abandoned MailBird recently is my use of "Groupy" by Stardock. All of the apps I mentioned before are in one group. One click and Outlook 365, Twitter, Todoist, and Pulse (Android messaging app), open all at once. If and when Microsoft gets around to deploying "Sets" my Groupy use will probably go away. But, MailBird is a very cool and inexpensive app that works well and has nice theme based GUI (nice to look at), and is fast!