Mango Internet Sharing / Mobile Hot Spot

We knew that Internet Sharing was a possibility with the Mango update. At the HTC public unveil of the HTC Titan and Radar, Jay and Rich were able to confirm things when they spent some hands on time with the two new Windows Phones.

While Internet Sharing will be a Windows Phone feature with the Mango update., Jay reports that an HTC Representative at the event stated tethering would not be possible in the U.K.  He was also able to get a snapshot of the settings screen on the Titan (flash reflection and all).

This U.K. prohibition is likely due to carrier restrictions and even though U.S. customers are hopeful to have tethering capabilities, we too may face carrier restrictions. Bad carriers, bad.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Tethering is allowed on 3 UK on their One Plan. Would be a pity not to be able to use it.
  • At least now that would make it easier for us to hack it and use it on any carrier. I don't get why so many carriers are against it. Most US carriers have a data cap anyways so why should they care how we use our data. BS
  • The reason is because statistics show that users with tethering are more likely to exhaust their data plans. The carriers rather have it the other way around because there is becoming a shortage and bandwidth, and they want to be cautious and not **** the service up for everyone else like AT&T did.
  • Why would they care if you used up your bandwidth, they then get a load of money from you for going over.Anyways, as above they better not block it totally in the UK because Three Uk allow tethering on thier one plan, which I am on. I guess it just means we will be flashing the European rom then.
  • If you share your internet connection, whether by wifi or directly with usb, isnt that tethering anyway?
  • Wonder how they'll handle it with carrier free phones.I only pay for 1GB and would rather save my battery, but you never know.
  • Well it's needed if the power goes down ... or smth like that ;)Good to have the option it's not essential but it's good to have it :)
  • I have to say I'm still baffled by the internet sharing options, the rep was saying that UK builds of Mango don't allow internet sharing, at yet I snapped this picture showing it as an option clear as day...And apologies for the picture quality all, the lighting situation in the event was very poor
  • Was it a UK phone? It's running airplane mode, so it could be a US phone with US settings.
  • It was a UK phone, the thing that threw me was one of the reps stating that "Tethering was not available on non-US builds". I have to hope he was mis-informed
  • AT&T better not block this or upcharge for it.
  • They sure as $#!+ will be upcharging for it, I'm afraid.
  • I want my LTE support dammit!
  • how fast do u need everything to go? on sprint's 3G network I can watch Netflix with no pixelation,watch VEVO and listen to smartDJ while browsing the web.
  • Ever think that I might actually want to download large files on my laptop instead of just streaming **** I'm an IT professional, I need the speed.Also, I constantly run into issues on my HTC Trophy on the Verizon 3G network where I can't even get enough bandwidth to steam a song from the Zune marketplace even with a decent 3 bars worth of reception.
  • that's what cable internet is for. probably won't be able to anyway since VZ has a data cap. sprint doesn't yea I noticed that Zune does that even on WiFi just have to restart the song and its ok.
  • Yeah, I'll just grab a cable connection out of thin air and plug it into my laptop! Great idea!I've been in plenty of scenarios where I've needed a high speed internet connection to download files in the field. Unless I have a stellar 3G connection, I have only be able to get about 100 kb/sec throughput using a tethered phone. That would take about 4 and a half minutes to download a 25 meg file. If I had a 4G LTE connection, I would easily be able to get a 10 megabit connection (1280 kb/sec) which would complete that 25 meg download in 20 seconds. Don't try and tell me there isn't a need for fast over-the-air internet connections.Also, it's not just Zune streaming, I also frequently encounter buffering on YouTube videos.Of course I can buy a dedicated 4G card, but who the **** wants to pay an extra $60+ for it when you can leech off your $30 cell phone plan?
  • AT&T has it's drawbacks, but with average 3G connection I have not problem streaming HD video.
  • Well, I'd say not to listen to the HTC representatives after the beautiful gaffe the one talking to engadget made."no twitter integration in the Titan... but we have LinkedIn."Brilliant.
  • They better include tethering here on Aussie phones. Telstra dont seem to give a rats arse, they would rather sell you an increased internet pack thats over priced and let you tether to your hearts content!I hope Dell (and all manufacturers) atleast support tethering on their undbranded phones.