Manuganu, a 3D platform adventure for Windows Phone 8

Manuganu is a 3D running/platformer styled game for your Windows Phone 8 device where you have to guide Manuganu across thirty challenging levels of play. You have dangers to jump over, slide under and dodge along the way.  You also have to collect blue stones and medallions as  you scamper across the platform to improve your scoring.

The 3D graphics helps Manuganu to stand out a little from the pack and while game play isn't nerve racking, Manuganu is challenging enough to keep from getting stale.  After playing Manuganu for a while, the game comes across as a quality, casual gaming title for your Windows Phone 8 devices. 

The main menu for Manuganu has options to access the game settings that includes sound/music on or off and resetting your game progress, links to Manuganu's Twitter and Facebook pages, access to the About screen, and to jump into the game. Manuganu does have language support for Turkish and English which can be toggled from the main menu (upper right corner) as well.

The game is spread across three gaming environments. Start to Run is a daylight arena, Cold Winter adds snow to the mix, and Night Time turns down the lighting. Each gaming area is progressively unlocked and has ten levels of play that can be replayed to improve your score.

Game play is fairly straight forward. You have to guide Manuganu from the start point to the finish line collection blue stones (looks like blue coins) and medallions along the way. You have to jump, slide and climb your way through the course avoiding various dangers that includes cliffs, spikes, swinging hammers, flames and other items that will mess up your day.

Across the top of the gaming screen you'll find the number of lives you have (displayed in hearts) and your blue stone/medallion goals.  Manuganu is controlled by two on-screen button (jump and stop) and an assortment of gestures.  For example, swiping down will make Manuganu slide under obstacles.  I like the dual control set up in that it eliminates the need for a bunch of control buttons lining up the bottom of the screen.  The combination of gestures and buttons helps give Manuganu a cleaner appearance.  

Each level has alternate paths to reach the finish line and your final score takes into account how many blue stones and medallions you collect.

The first few levels of Manuganu are almost too easy but will let you get acclimated to the gaming controls without getting too frustrated. The game does pick up speed and can be a rather challenging game.

I see two major downsides to Manuganu. First, the thirty levels can go by fast. Hopefully the developer will add more levels to give the game a little more longevity. Next, there's no trial version to let you try things out before ponying up to pay for the full version. A little surprised that the developer didn't offer a trial version that lets you play the first three levels or so.

Manuganu is an entertaining, challenging platform game for your Windows Phone 8 device. It will appeal to many and if you're interested in picking up Manuganu, it'll cost you $.99.

You can download Manuganu here in the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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