Match, a perplexing puzzle game for Windows Phone 8

Puzzle games can be an entertaining, challenging way to pass the time with. There are plenty of puzzle game choices in the Windows Phone Store and Match is one of the latest offerings for Windows Phone 8.

Match calls on you to line up various tiles with their corresponding templates. The challenge is that the movement of one tile, effects the movement of the others. Match makes a nice first impression and is a puzzle game worth giving a shot.

Match has one hundred free levels of play spread across five worlds that progressively become more challenging. The free version has twenty levels with the additional levels available through an in-app purchase of $1.99. This more or less makes the free version a trial version.

Match's Main Menu and Puzzle Levels

At the start of the first few levels, tutorial windows will pop-up to walk you through game play. Each puzzle level has a collection of tiled symbols and corresponding templates. Your goal is to move the tiles beneath these templates in the fewest moves as possible.

You can move tiles vertically or horizontally and as you move a tile, the entire group of tiles will move. Some puzzles have sections of tiles that will not move in unison and you can use these sections to line up tiles to they will fall into place just right. There are also puzzle levels that have multiple tile groupings to solve.

Match Tutorial and Game Play Screens

If you get stumped, you can use a game key that will show you the puzzles solutions. The free version of Match does not come with any keys but you can purchase five keys for $.99 through an in-app purchase. Should you opt to buy the full version of the game, you will get five keys and will still be able to buy additional keys should the need arise.

Match isn’t a difficult puzzle game to play, just a bit on the challenging side to master. The movement logic that you have to find to solve each puzzle can be a little frustrating at times, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Match does have casual pace and not a bad option if you need a game to help you pass the time with.

The free version of Match is ad-supported and has twenty-levels of play. You can unlock the full game (eighty more levels) through an in-app purchase of $1.99. Match is available for Windows Phone 8 and you can pick up your copy of Match here in the Windows Phone Store.

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