HP announces the company's first 2-in-1 portable PC with USB-C

The HP Pavilion x2 is a detachable PC that can not only function as a tablet, but also as a laptop too. That's not the highlight of the company's new product however, as HP opted to include a USB-C port, offering support to a variety of new peripherals.

The Pavilion x2 is a fairly thin tablet with a detachable keyboard dock, which enables the device to be used in a variety of positions. Utilizing a magnetic hinge, there's no longer the requirement to master the art of safe detachment using plastic clips and other contraptions. Simply lift out and you're golden.

While HP has chosen to support USB-C (you'll be charging the tablet hybrid using this new port), the company hasn't placed all the eggs in a single basket. You will also find USB 2.0 ports for external products you need to connect. It's positive to see support quickly adopted though.

So, what about specifications? HP has included a 10-inch IPS display (1280x800), Intel Atom CPU, Windows 8.1, 64GB on-board storage (with microSD expansion), 2GB of RAM, and a battery life of up to 10 hours. As well as the USB ports, HP has also included micro HDMI for those times when you need the larger screen.

The HP Pavilion x2 is expected to be made available on July 21 in the US at HP and Best Buy, starting at $299.99.

Source: HP

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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