Mekko the mech-piloting dolphin is now available in Bleeding Edge

Mekko Bleeding Edge Character Select
Mekko Bleeding Edge Character Select (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Mekko is a dolphin controlling a mech that was first revealed shortly before the release of Bleeding Edge.
  • Mekko was not available at launch, being pushed back to allow the team to prioritize some other patches.
  • Ninja Theory has announced today that Mekko is now playable in Bleeding Edge.

The roster for Bleeding Edge, Ninja Theory's 4v4 brawler, just got a little bigger. Mekko, the mech-piloting dolphin we first saw at a preview event a few weeks ago, wasn't available at launch. That's changed with the latest patch and Ninja Theory has announced that Mekko is now playable in Bleeding Edge.

Mekko is a unique ranged tank, with special abilities allowing him to control the battlefield and push opponents around. In addition to Mekko, this latest patch also adds a new board, new emotes and some new music, as well as a few general bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

If you haven't tried out Bleeding Edge yet, you can check out our review from Senior Xbox Editor Jez Corden right here. Bleeding Edge is available on Xbox One and PC, as well as Project xCloud testing on Android. Like all Xbox Game Studios games, it's also available in Xbox Game Pass.



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