Metal Gear Solid V and more games are coming to Xbox Game Pass soon

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The service already has heavy-hitters like Halo 5: Guardians but next month it's going to get even better. According to a statement on Xbox Wire, the service is getting Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, Mega Man 9, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, Resident Evil HD, Sky Force Anniversary, and The World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap.

All of these titles offer unique gameplay so be sure to check them out if you're an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. The games will be available on November 1, 2017. Almost all of them are standout titles because fan-favorites like Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, and Resident Evil HD will be part of the service. However, not all of these games are permanent additions to the library.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is joining the service for the next three months so be sure to play it in that time frame. It's only there until January 31, 2018. The game features a lengthy single-player campaign and a multiplayer mode. The story requires you to traverse Afghanistan, taking down an evil organization, while the multiplayer mode focuses on base building. This third-person stealth game will definitely push your skills — and patience — to the limit. Game Pass subscribers get the option to purchase games for a special additional discount too, so if you want to keep it after January 2018, you can do so for cheaper.

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition is the remastered version of the original Halo Wars which launched on Xbox 360 all those years ago. For those who don't know, Halo Wars is a top-down real-time strategy experience which requires you to master base building, troop deployment, and resources management. This version of Halo Wars runs at 1080p 60 FPS on Xbox One.

Speaking of remasters, Resident Evil HD is the remastered version of the cult classic which released all those years ago. Resident Evil is a great example of the survival-horror genre and is regarded as a pillar from which many experiences, and studios, take inspiration. The game takes you back to 1998, where you assume the role of either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, members of a special forces team sent to investigate a series of bizarre murders in a mansion. Resident Evil HD is all about conserving ammunition and gathering resources to survive a seemingly endless onslaught from the undead. They can pop up around every corner, so be careful!

It seems that the remakes and remasters don't end! Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty is an updated version of the cult classic which launched in 1997. For those unfamiliar with the original, Oddworld is an iconic platformer which has a strong focus on stealth. Through the game, you control a lovable Mudokon called Abe. After Abe discovers a plan to convert his people to food, he embarks on a quest to save everyone. Well, almost everyone. You have to sneak your way around the factory and surrounding environments to rescue your coworkers while avoiding hostile creatures who are hunting you.

Who doesn't know about Mega Man 9? The Mega Man series is on the level of a franchise like Mario or Sonic but we haven't really heard much about it in years. The series is known for its platforming and fast-paced shooting. Mega Man 9 follows our blue hero as he takes on advanced robots to prove the innocence of his creator. While the story may not be that deep, it's still a good excuse to blast everything in sight.

The World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap is an action game fused together with a tower defense title. You're transported to the world of Van Helsing and have to defend the realm of Borgovia from legions of monsters and other terrible beings. Aside from building, you also have to protect your constructs by taking them on yourself or in a co-op setting. One of the most unique aspects has to be the ability to battle your friends online if you so desire.

Did you play games like Tyrian when you were a child? Well, Tyrian was a shoot 'em up which required you to upgrade your ship with incredible weapons by earning credits. Sky Force Anniversary follows a similar concept because you have to collect stars in order to purchase further advancements for your vehicles. While the game may be a little "grindy", those who love fluid vertical scrolling shooters will be satisfied. If you collect enough coins, you can add devastating weapons like lasers and bombs. The goal is to become the ultimate destructive force by the time you take on the final boss.

Aside from when Xbox Game Pass launched, this month seems to be one of the most memorable because games like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Resident Evil HD, and Sky Force Anniversary are joining it. You shouldn't miss them! Xbox Game Pass costs $9.99 each month so be sure to check it out if you want a Netflix-style subscription for games.

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