Metro Exodus is a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter which has garnered a lot of interest in recent months. The game is a sequel to Metro: Last Light which was ported to Xbox One a few years ago. Years after nuclear war devastated Earth, a few survivors still cling to existence beneath the ruins of Moscow. They have struggled against the lethal elements and fought mutated beasts. Now, in Metro Exodus, they must flee the underground tunnels in search of a new life in the East.

Metro Exodus is now available for $60. It look quite stunning on an Xbox One X, so if you're searching for a graphical showcase, you can't go wrong with this one. Let's see if Rage 2 tops this!

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In our review, we said, "While the voice acting is patchy, the overall story is an engrossing tale of post-apocalyptic survival, wrapped in a sense of discovery and adventure aboard the Aurora train convoy. Bonding with your characters as you travel across the wastes makes Exodus feel far less lonely than the previous games, without hurting the sense of survival and isolation."

Metro Exodus is definitely a stronger game than Far Cry New Dawn, both of which are competing in the post-apocalyptic space. Let us know if you pick this one up.

A gorgeous 4K apocalypse

Metro Exodus

A defining Xbox One X shooter

Metro Exodus is one of the most visually impressive games on Xbox One X, boasting incredible effects, vast detailed 4K environments, and tight survival shooter gameplay.

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