More games! Stealth Inc 2 ditches the linearity of its predecessor and returns with a gloriously expansive Metroidvania style overworld.

Stealth Inc 2 tasks players to escape from a meticulously detailed bit style factory crammed with nefarious puzzles, deranged traps, hostile machines and environmental hazards.

You're also charged with the rescue of your fellow clones, and awarded ranks based on your performance throughout various segments of the game. You can replay previous segments in addition to travel there manually via the seamless overworld, giving achievement junkies additional incentive.

Stealth Inc 2's art style comes to life with dynamic shadows which factor in heavily when avoiding security robots' line of sight. Various gizmos and gadgets are unlocked along the way, allowing you to overcome puzzles and access new areas in true Metroidvania style. Stealth Inc 2 also features online leaderboards and a level editor which allows you to create and share your own sequences online.

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The game has been available on Wii-U for several months, and there's no word yet if Wii-U features like couch co-op are heading across to the Xbox One version, but it seems likely. My gaming backlog looks as though it'll keep on growing.

Stealth Inc 2 will set you back £12.99 / $14.99 / €14.99 on Xbox One on April 3rd, and the same on PC, PS3 and PS4 on April 7th.