Microsoft will likely discuss Windows 11 app development at second event on June 24

Windows 11 Leak
Windows 11 Leak (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft will hold a second event on June 24, 2021.
  • The second event will likely be about developing apps for Windows 11.
  • Microsoft's bigger event is at 11 AM, at which Microsoft will unveil the "next generation of Windows."

The biggest event from Microsoft on June 24 will be the one that showcases the "next generation of Windows," which we now know is called Windows 11. While that event will garner the most headlines, Microsoft will hold a second event later in the day that focuses on app development. The Windows Developer Twitter account announced the event on Twitter recently.

The tweet doesn't share much in terms of details. It simply states, "Tune in to see what we have in store for developers" and the timing of the event, June 24, 3 PM ET. There's a chance that the use of the word "store" is a hint about changes to the Microsoft Store, but that's a fairly common expression, so it could just be a coincidence.

The link within the tweet directs to a YouTube event titled "App Development: Community Standup Hold."

While a leaked build of Windows 11 showed off a lot of the operating system's new interface, it's far from the complete picture. As explained by our executive editor Daniel Rubino, we know that Windows 11 is more than just a new Start menu.

Our senior editor Zac Bowden highlighted changes coming to the Microsoft Store before the Windows 11 name was confirmed.

In addition to what we've already seen, Windows 11 will also have a new Store experience, new inbox apps such as Mail, new media control overlays, a more consistent dark mode, and a Wake on Touch feature. Most of those sound like features Windows developers would be interested in, so it makes sense that Microsoft would hold a developer-focused event after it unveils Windows 11.

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  • Android apps? May be
  • I wouldn't be surprised. At the moment it will bring more trouble than it is worth. It will add a 1 GB to the install size. Technically you could gain some Android apps. The problem is that only those apps that Android developers build and submit for Microsoft Store will work, so those will be likely just a few apps. On top of that most of those don't work well on the PC screen size - e.g. most people prefer even Gmail web site to the app on the Chromebooks, let alone majority of the apps that are optimized only for the phone size. Unless they plan to put some big effort into the Windows device of the phone size this would be a complete waste of time.
  • Yes that might happen if there's actually a Windows 11 mobile.
  • Android apps that need google service?
    no way.
    but MS could support Harmony Apps, or Amazon android Apps and others
  • Given the state of their current relationships I would say that Google is by far the most likely if any to be pushed out. They have already worked with Google on the Duo and on the Your Phone App. Harmony is unlikely to see much movement outside of Smart TV's and Chinese Smartphones, I cannot see many consumers outside of China and maybe some on the Korean Peninsula taking up Huawei services over Google ones. Amazon Android is so poorly optimized for anything other then the Fire Tablets it disqualifies its self really. Microsoft only moved to add to Fire Tablets because they said they would reach their consumers everywhere and were happy with the state of things on IOS and Google Android. They have had a number of false starts with bringing Android to Windows, and while I am not confident it will come now, if it does I think it would have to be in a play store flavor.
  • Exactly only Android apps that don't rely on GMS would work. So it's a dead duck.
  • This maybe an unpopular idea, but I don't care. I will say it anyway. Windows lost the app battle let's face it. Windows, for me personally, needs to focus and double down more on being a platform, a catapult to jack of all trades. Supporting both Android and iOS apps, we can truly use it to launch any service, app, and or program so it can truly become an OS that supports you in anything that you do and want to achieve. We need to overcome this ridiculous ecosystem war that only hurts the consumer by limiting him in functionality and buries him financially.
  • "App" just means application or program. It is just another name for something that has always existed on computers. It is funny to me how people think there is a meaningful difference between an "app" in an "app store" and an application that you download from a repository. Not to mention that most "apps" are just wrappers around a web site.
  • I understand the concept, but the usability is not the same. i.e. Apple TV+ on a chrome browser is not the same as the native app experience. and that is what I am referring to.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro is an app. There are lots of apps on Windows used by hundreds of millions of people.
  • Unfortunately, not Apple TV+ and iOS apps, or android apps etc... that was the basis of my comment.
  • iOS apps will never work on Windows. That's the whole point of Apple's walled garden. Android apps already work through third party emulators.
  • I know, unfortunately the ecosystem wars will continue. 3rd party emulators, I don't know about you but here the performance and quality is mediocre.
  • It is just like that you ask Porche to be able to swap its engine with Ferrari. That is a wishful thinking - it does sound nice but it has no bases in the real life. Even if it was technically possible it would be still illegal. If it wasn't like that we wouldn't have Windows, IBM would be running Windows apps happily today.
  • Thanks for your comment really made me think. But just to continue the topic, what about how MS provides apps on Android, you don´t think the others could follow suit and it still be lucrative for them?
  • Technically it is possible. With Microsoft's attitude it is nearly impossible. It has been there for years and I don't think that something has changed. There has been here an article recently about the developers having problem with Microsoft Store. My revenues and revenues of some developers were hit 3-4x by a glitch in the Store. They did not want to fix the glitch for almost a year until Windows Central wrote about it. But as the glitch is fixed we are still left with aggregated statistics during that time that keep our revenues at the same low level. We took years to build our ranks and now they push us back to the start. And while I am still to get the final official answer on this according to some unofficial answers that I have received they are not interested to resolve that. I mean an honest organization that would want to keep its reputation would pay me few thousands dollars for the loss of the revenue caused by their side. That is nothing for Microsoft to invest into its reputation. But they prefer those few thousands of dollars to their reputation. It is possible that we will get some major publications to write about this and they still prefer not even to take an engineer for a day or two to fix this problem, or to give us free promotion or anything. And that is not the only example of how arrogant they are towards developers I can make quite a long list, just this is the worst. So what do you think do they stand a chance?
  • Yes, probably not. Thanks, fo the follow up.
  • Microsoft already "supports" Android apps through Your Phone. Apple will not license their apps or Store to Windows. New applications continue to be developed for Windows since it rules in the Enterprise and is the most-widely used desktop OS (and as new companies come into existence that want to play in the desktop space, and not just in mobile). Existing Windows developers will take advantage of new tools that make it more profitable and less of a hassle to launch, update, and so on, including through the MS Store.
  • I just assume that Windows 10 apps are going to work on Windows 11 so it shouldn't be much different effectively.
  • Well, that's true. But it's more about what's new for developers including expected changes to the store's monetization, approval for apps, app types allowed in the Store, and new ability that Windows 11 may unlock for future apps e.g. security, performance, new hardware, etc.
  • People should know that all the features, fixes and improvements we saw in WIndows 10 insider builds uptil now are found in Windows 11 out of the box , so if you continue to use WIndows 10
    In terms of new features Windows 11 will always be a step ahead.
  • I didn't expect to see you in here since you told me Windows 11 wasn't about developers ;) I'm glad MS has a developer session after and I'm glad to see you actually do care :) I still hope we see this in the Insider builds so developers can actually *experience* what they're trying to build for. (assuming said developers aren't in private/partnership privileged access already)
  • _ Redesigned Store
    _ Project Latte , Running Android Apps
    _ Linux GUI Support using WSL
    _ winget , Package Manager
    _ New WIndows Terminal as default
    _ Many under the hood Improvements and Fixes
    _ Smooth and Better experience for both Desktop and Touch Devices
    _ Better UI/UX and redesigned Inbuilt apps
    _ Many new features and fixes included out of the box as introduced previously in some insider builds
    _ Better Consistency and Less Bloatware
    _ winUI as becoming the standard for developing "Windows App"
    --> Makes Apps Efficient, Optimized and Easily made for Cross Platform support using MAUI.
    --> Makes Apps fluent and modern , Supports architectures like x86 or ARM
    --> Windows 11 itself uses many winUI elements in its redesign
    _ Better Multi Monitor experience and Audio improvements using AAC Codec. And soo much more .... Windows 11 is gonna be huge and amazing in near future.
    I am so excited for the Event !!!
  • another platform, another project...
  • Hopefully the Store will disallow apps that are terrible and look like someone's highschool senior project.
  • I doubt it.
  • Windows 11 is great even as it is. However, there is a lot missing if MICROSOFT releases this new operating system as soon as possible, there will be an explosion in the number of Windows 11 users.
  • It's going to be interesting it's probably going to be a big push of uwp and PWA.
  • Microsoft should open up the Widgets section to 3rd-party developers. Since they already utilize the Start Menu for Timeline and Recent apps/documents. MS News isn't enough to justify an entire new UI area in the Widgets section.
  • Agreed. They did with Windows 7 and some were made.
  • What are Windows 11 apps? Another name for UWP apps? Have Microsoft finally worked out a way for developers to want to write them? Let's hope they're more like Skype UWP (which was great) and not like Your Phone which just routinely closes itself. Every day I have to reload it. It's not a recent thing it's always been this ways since I've used Windows 10 on multiple PCs.
  • React Native for Windows is a major push in this direction. You don't need C# or C++ knowledge, just a bit of JavaScript and you're good to go.
  • Actually Windows 8 supported JavaScript natively. It proved to be useless and irrelevant and I think Microsoft has even dropped it. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with simpler languages if that leads to quality apps and higher developer productivity, even if there is some minor trade-off. But it sounds like that your dream world is a place where rookie developers publish junk apps. That isn't something people are going to like.