Microsoft acquires mobile business intelligence company Datazen Software

Microsoft has acquired Datazen Software, a Toronto-based company that has released business intelligence apps for Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

This deal could be important for Microsoft as it tries to expand its current "mobile first, cloud first" strategy to the business and enterprise world. The company stated:

"Datazen technology and solutions will complement Power BI, our cloud-based business analytics service, rounding out our mobile capabilities for customers who need a mobile BI solution implemented on-premises and optimized for SQL Server. Over time, we plan to integrate Datazen technology with Power BI to give our customers another hybrid bridge for their on-premises investment to the cloud."

In their own post on their acquisition, Datazen CEO Miljan Braticevic said:

" Datazen is positioned as a mobile BI solution for customers who need a solution that is implemented on-premises. As such, it will complement Power BI, Microsoft's cloud-based business analytics service. Our team will continue to develop and evolve the product. We have an exciting roadmap and are really looking forward to bringing new features to market. We'll share more information on how these products will be integrated into Microsoft's offerings at a later date."

There's no word yet on if Datazen plans to shut down its iOS or Android apps now that it has been acquired by Microsoft, but that seems unlikely since Microsoft has been quite busy launching apps like Office and Outlook, among others, for both platforms. Recently, Microsoft signed a deal with Samsung to have a number of Microsoft apps pre-loaded on the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge smartphones.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab), Datazen

John Callaham
  • My phone froze when I opened this article. First time since 2013. Had to soft reset
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  • 928
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  • No I dont need that :) I have PD with latest update. Anyway, its not freezing anymore after reset. It might have been caused by something else I guess
  • Sd card near its way
  • Way to go Microsoft. :)
  • So does this means Microsoft just got bigger again?
  • Seems bigger...
  • Seems longer
  • Keep focusing on Cloud Microsoft, you've got a headstart on this one!
  • Related to that, and not covered by Windows Central I believe, Microsoft also acquired Revolution Analytics last week.
  • Wow, I didn't see that release. Thanks for the info. These are nice pickups.
  • Excelent aquisition!!!
  • They have always shown us they were serious about software and most recently improving their software offerings on mobile, but I really want them to get serious about mobile hardware. That big ass Nokia purchase has bared little fruit for us who want a device AND services. #build
  • Agreed. Nadella doesn't seem to be to interested in mobile hardware, which is frustrating. All parts of the business should get proper attention across the board.
  • Microsoft's Power BI analytics software is really well executed. A fast, simple and robust solution to make loads of data interactive and easy to view. Kind of like a huge potential for enterprises...i can see comscore and co. using these in the future to display their data more intuitively
  • I wish it was here maps!
  • Me too. Microsoft will be very powerful if they acquire here. They integrate with Cortana,bing,Skype etc.
  • I'm not familiar with the company. Sounds like a good deal nonetheless.
  • Now to acquire here. Lol
  • If they don't it would be stupid not too. I wsih they do.
  • What if Nokia doesn't wanna sell to Microsoft?
  • Nokia isn't anti-Microsoft like some others are. They've sold to Microsoft before. They'll do it again, as long as they make enough money to make it worth their while.
  • Microsoft Google and Amazon are eating every company around
  • Many of these companies get built with the intention to get bought out by one of the big guys.  They get a nice payday for (relatively) short term effort.
  • Yeah, I just need a good idea for something to develop that would be a short term, low cost investment that I can turn around and sell for a few hundred million within a couple of years. That'd be great.
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  • Microsoft is acquiring the world!!!!