Microsoft and Best Buy announce new Windows Stores

Microsoft and US retail chain Best Buy have both announced today a strategic partnership to create a new Windows Store. The set-up stalls will be featured within 500 Best Buy brick and mortar stores across the US and in more than 100 stores located in Canada. The stores will range in size from 1,500 and 2,200 square foot and will include Windows-based tablets and PCs, as well as Windows Phones, Microsoft Office, Xbox and more.

The plan is to have an innovative space highlighting numerous Windows scenarios across displayed hardware. A standalone area will be dedicated to the Surface tablets offered by the software giant. Tami Reller, chief marketing officer and chief financial officer of the Windows Division at Microsoft, had the following to comment on the announcement:

"The Windows Store offers a large-scale, hands-on customer experience that will show customers how Windows and Microsoft devices and services can make it easier for them to work and play. We’re pleased to partner with Best Buy in bringing the latest technologies to consumers at scale in a unique environment where they can explore how Microsoft products fit together across entertainment, travel, music and other scenarios."

The alliance between the two companies will add more than 1,200 Best Buy Microsoft-trained sales associates to help create an engaging customer experience with products on display. This is a huge move for Microsoft to show support outside its own stores that are dotted across the country. While this further focuses on US consumers, we'd like to see the company push n other markets too, including the likes of the UK.

Instead of popping into Best Buy and browsing through a typical line-up of laptops and other devices, consumers will be able to check unique products from Microsoft with sales associates to run through exactly what's possible with each form factor. The Windows Stores at Best Buy will run out from late June through September. Be sure to head on over to the Best Buy website to read more into the new promotion.

Source: Best Buy // image credit: Craig Lassig

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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