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Microsoft announces accessories for Xbox Project xCloud game streaming

What you need to know

  • Project xCloud is Microsoft's game streaming service like Google Stadia.
  • It just launched public previews.
  • Microsoft is launching a new line of mobile accessories.
  • The first of these is a phone clip for the Xbox Wireless Controller.

Project xCloud is Microsoft's game streaming service to compete with Google Stadia and, to a lesser degree, PlayStation Now. It allows you to play AAA games like Gears 5 on your phone or tablet without the need to purchase an Xbox One.

It's unclear what the pricing will be, but if you signed up to take part in the October public trials, you're in luck. Invitations are rolling out right now and countless gamers are already testing the service. Right now, Project xCloud is limited to Android phones, and in order to facilitate this, Microsoft is launching (opens in new tab) a new line of mobile accessories.

xbox controller clip

(Image credit: Press kit microsoft)

Today, we're excited to announce that we will be expanding the Designed for Xbox ecosystem to include mobile gaming. Our Designed for Xbox program enables collaborations with top-tier hardware partners to deliver not only choice but also the best possible Xbox gaming experiences across console, PC, and now, mobile... The first Designed for Xbox product created with Project xCloud in mind is the MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox Wireless Controllers. Designed in partnership with the Xbox Industrial Design team, this is an adjustable clip made to fit all Xbox Wireless Controllers that secures your phone in place while you play.

With the gaming clip, you should be able to clamp your Android phone in place to an Xbox Wireless Controller. It seems more versatile than the ones already on the market.

Are you excited for Project xCloud? Are you testing it currently? Let us know.

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  • Hopefully that is metal adjustable pieces and not more plastic crap. Though you may start getting too heavy at a certain point and may cause hand strain.
  • From the link of this article, "We are working on a roadmap of products with experienced partners and are currently in talks with 8bitDo, Gamevice, HORI, PowerA, Razer, and more, to explore creating the best possible hardware experiences for Project xCloud."
    I think it means not only the clip, there could be many 3rd-party mobile controllers supporting xCloud in the future as well. I hope we could see some more interesting designs, e.g., directly attached to phone on the sides, clamshell, etc.
  • Seeing as Duo will be a part of this.. Join our Facebook Surface Duo Group!
  • So you're the one I've been talking to lately on there.
  • Yepers! Gotta build that group. It needs to be Surface Duo Central. 🙏🙏🙏
  • Ebgames have a controller mount for 20 bucks, I'll end up getting that one, of course I need a Bluetooth controller first.