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Microsoft announces new OneDrive API for all of your devices

Microsoft has announced a new API for OneDrive that will make it easy for developers to integrate the company's cloud storage service into their apps. The API supports all major platforms, including the web, Windows, iOS, and Android.

From Microsoft:

We built the OneDrive API to provide a foundation to continue evolving the platform and enable all developers to access the full functionality of OneDrive. It provides better speed and functionality, with new features including:

  • the ability to retrieve new changes to files and folders to efficiently keep a large set of files in sync with minimal calls
  • resumable uploads of files up to 10 GB via file-fragment uploading for working with rich content, like HD videos
  • customizable file thumbnail images for delivering a more integrated experience across your app and OneDrive

Microsoft is also working with a number of developers to add support for the new OneDrive API to their apps, such as PicMonkey, PandaDoc, and IFTTT. If you want to get started adding the OneDrive API to your own app, you can head over to the OneDrive Github page (opens in new tab) now to check it out.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

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  • No doubt these hamburger menus provide more functionalities but they could have come up with some another innovative idea.
  • Yes, a menu that opens by sliding the finger from the left corner of the screen...
  • You must have Denim for your device already to complain about a hamburger lol.
  • Nothing to do with the API whatsoever.
  • ^This^ Sadly, people don't read...
  • Actually, I do like the hamburger if it's not necessary, I rarely use it in OneDrive app, because everything is in the ... Minue
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  • I like them for their functionality but hate them for their placement on the screen far left or right corners..... what about the placeholder functionality?
  • Swipe was unique to Windows. Hamburger menus are common on Android and iOS. I prefer the unique to the difficult to reach, one step more hamburger menus.
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  • Get over it... The new design is amazing!!!
  • There is NOTHING amazing in that design.
  • This is absolutely huge. Microsoft is just getting better and better by the day.
  • Absolutely! I am very intrigued to apply this feature to my apps
  • What are your apps? I'll check them out
  • They are getting better.... Just imagine if they where at this stage 5 years ago..
  • Just imagine if they were at this stage 50 years ago. Crazy. Or 500 years ago ...theyd have the first computer.
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  • Wait, did they not have a public API before? O_o
  • Onenote does
  • They don't have a in-app API like this before, less integrated and less customisable.
  • All the best
  • Yes need it..To save game progress to the cloud and to make use of idle 168 GBs..!!
  • Improve Xbox music
  • Seriously... If I had one wish for MS to improve something it would be XBM...
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  • I think its obvious now that they are going to put all their might in XBM for Win 10 instead of having to divide manpower in maintaining for 8.1 and developing 10...I've felt them strongly hinting at such a change ever since they announced Windows 10.. And i am hopeful that this time they are really gonna get it right...
  • Agreed, that needs a huge step up
  • Microsoft has suprised me with one drive. I remember when I first started seeing skydrive, I didn't expect a lot of functionality outside of the windows ecosystem. Not only have they expanded to a lot of other platforms and applications, it seems to be the cloud storage of choice for most. 
  • Sadly, the cloud storage of choice is Goodle Drive or Dropbox. Believe, never saw a person in my school who sends notes, works, documents or stuff to the rest of the class with OneDrive. Even the teachers use Dropbox or Google Drive
  • I've converted many to OneDrive ...well to be more specific it converts them, I just showed them it existed.
  • I have done the same thing, but they don't like it. I try to use it as the medium for work and notes in my School Radio, they opted for Google Drive because everyone of them but me use Android (lolatme)
  • It used to be Dropbox at my school, but now that all the ms office products are built into our exchange services. One drive is what most of the students are using. Dropbox offers me 5gb and I have 1tb on one drive, at least for now.
  • Meaby, but here in Mexico, just a few students use OneDrive (I do), I check it with my Sister, in her University Campus no ones use OneDrive but Dropbox or iCloud
  • iCloud is so horrible... haha
  • Dropbox gives only 2GB free, and $9.99 per month for 1TB. With OneDrive, you can get 15GB free and for $6.99 per month to get 1TB of OneDrive PLUS Office 365. I can't understand why anyone would use DropBox knowing all the facts. 
  • Exactly. You get more for less. What's not to like?
  • And that 1TB is becoming unlimited. Even better
  • Because of trends. A couple of years ago, when it was still SkyDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive became very popular, when SkyDrive was there for a lot more of time before, but because (at least for Google's) Gmail was getting a lot of popularity and then Google Drive too. Dropbox, I don't have a clue why it became so popular but oh well, same story. Also, a lot of people don't know that you can (also) eddit your documents in OneDrive or work at the same time with a lot of people, just like Google Drive and Google Docs! Also, I know of one person that don't use Microsoft Web Services because of the Modern UI Like Desing. Silly boy.
  • Sorry you're wrong, I've never seen or heard of people using Google Drive. In the corporate world where I work with lots of big companies including the one I work at only use OneDrive and they recommend everyone use it.
  • Well, here in Mexico the king is Google Drive and next is Dropbox, and the Mac users uses both iCloud or Dropbox. Just a bunch uses OneDrive. Never worked in a big company and don't know what cloud services they uses here in Mexico, but at least, I know what the students are using
  • Ok I understand.
  • Exactly. Corporate environments are heavily invested in Microsoft. Google thinks they can take that over by getting students to use it, but when the students hit the real world (in corporate), they get converted out of necessity.
  • This ^ yep agreed 100% with rhapdog. Large corporations most likely will use what they trust security wise and what they are accustomed to, and that's Microsoft Windows, Office, OneDrive etc.. Most of them already have deals with Microsoft for years to use their products, I only had to pay $10 total for Microsoft Office for my him computer. NICE! :)
  • Actually, the offers from Microsoft nowdays are just too good to not use OneDrive/Office
  • I found that an effective way to spread awareness is to share photos from OneDrive. The presentation is pretty awesome compared to the competition, I thought, and has a lot of advantages compared to something like uploading photos direct to Facebook. Can just put the link in FB instead.
  • My school uses Google Drive. They just started it this year. It made me so mad at them :(
  • Yeah I can imagine you would be mad. I would be to.
  • Dropbox 5GB, OneDrive 100 GB. I'll take the latter.
  • Right, same here.
  • Awesome,Microsoft trying new everyday and make it best out of everything,I realm look out windows central everyday and find something new from Microsoft
  • Non related question : Recently I got the 100 GB free OneDrive storage
    If I had used some of it , and then the two years of time had ended
    What will happen? , will my files be deleted ? Or do I have to pay for the storage ? Or will they take the non-used and keep my used storage ? Thanks :)
  • The files will be read only
  • You don't lose your files. But you won't be able to add anything new
  • Nothing happens to your files, but you are going to be unable to upload more files unless you empty the extra space you didn't have at the time
  • Are you saying that if you fill it up before the expiration, you will than always have the 100gb storage. Or is it if you start deleting files, your drive will start shrinking until you reach you original size?
  • No, I say that if you, to say something, fill 50 GB of the 100 GB they give to you for one year, and that year pass, the 100 GB are going to expire and you are going to return to your 15 GB limit. But, your 50 GB you uploaded to OneDrive are going to remain there and you are going to be abble to read only and download it, but not to eddit (Office Online) neither upload nothing new. Then, you are going to empty the extra space you filled in order to be abble to upload anything new to OneDrive.
  • Nothing gonna happen. You just will not be able to put more files.
  • This is something everyone here should check out and vote on user voice...great combination of hamburgers,pivots and panoramic design....
  • Clean. But then some whiners here wil whine about not being able to slide(right) for the hamburger menu.
  • Haters gonna hate but what I say is you can see this type of UI in new OneDrive app...and thus I feel this UI prototype is coming in future TP builds....
  • Great news
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  • You can always use the site. Linux, BSD, UNIX, Solaris.
  • Indeed that looks like the only solution
  • Good news.
  • Can i upload that type of videos??
  • You can store any file type from within Windows.
  • I was wondering does anyone know if they removed the limit on image size? The old api would shrink images to be no bigger then 2048 x 2048. It was very frustrating when I was working on an app to backup my images.  
  • lol that was removed a lonnnnnnnnnnnng time ago :).... I store many of my full resolution HD photos on OneDrive and they don't get altered or resized at all.
  • Interesting strategies of late. Microsoft is about to launch something big
  • Which would be called Windows 10.
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  • HaloLens: Master Chief version.
  • Good news! I get tired of not having game saves on new phones or fresh installs
  • OneDrive for Linux please! Mint user here.
  • Resumable uploads.....
  • Resuming...
  • WhatsApp please utilize these APIs so we can finally attach files directly from one drive
  • ow, nice! Does anyone know if offline onedrive storage will also be offered on the phone. This will provide more feature options for saving files locally when the user is temporarily hindered by offline circumstances, such as no wifi connectivity or temporary isolation with bad to no 3G/4G connectivity. It would be nice if the end user could still access saved data.
  • Windows 8 & 8.1 do support this feature. Hope that MS brings it to phones in W10.
  • So glad they finally dropped this! I was just discussing this on a Windows Central article last week.
  • I want to see two-way synchronization! I miss it from my Dropbox! :(
  • Hopefully Plex will be able to use this
  • I know, Plex needs to get right on it.
  • Wait, I thought apps have been able to use OneDrive for years? Someone please clarify?
  • I read this as - "Microsoft announces new OneDrive storage offer". I can keep on dreaming. Still, keep up the good work MS.
  • What is hamburger menu?
  • The menu at McDonalds.
  • Xbox box OneDrive music okay Microsoft
  • I use OneDrive for most of my stuff. The only exception is my Plex Cloud Sync - I have to use Dropbox and/or Googledrive. Hopefully with better API access Plex will build an option to sync with OneDrive and I can then be done with Google.
  • Multiple folder support any year now plz, thnx.
  • Google? Take a lesson: Microsoft ROCKS on its API offerings. You suck...royally.
  • Hamburger (||) menu rules
  • I find the whole "hamburger" thing is really immature and that people have nothing better to do than to make up dumb names. It doesn't look like a hamburger its just 3 horizontal lines no big deal really
  • Good work Microsoft.
  • Nice.