Microsoft asks Trump administration for exceptions to immigration ban

Microsoft is now asking the Trump administration to set up a process for granting exceptions to its recent executive order halting immigration from seven countries. Microsoft made the request in a letter penned by Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith in an effort to help employees and their families that have been negatively impacted by the order.

According to the letter, some 76 employees and 41 dependents have been affected by the order. Microsoft's proposal would create an exception for these employees and others visa holders that may in similar situations. From Microsoft (via The Wall Street Journal):

Microsoft has 76 employees who, together with their 41 dependents, have nonimmigrant visas to live and work in the United States and are impacted by the Executive Order. After contacting these employees and their families, we have learned that some of them have particularly pressing needs. For example, we are concerned about families that have been separated as one or both parents were outside the United States last Friday and therefore cannot re-enter the country and are stranded away from their homes. We are also concerned about an impacted employee inside the United States with a desperate need to visit a critically-ill parent abroad. These situations almost certainly are not unique to our employees and their families. Therefore, we request that you create an exception process to address these and other responsible applications for entry into the country.

Microsoft has already come out strongly against the executive order, with CEO Satya Nadella citing his own immigrant experience in comments to employees just yesterday. The company has promised to continue supporting affected employees with legal aid, and has even pledged to support a Washington State lawsuit against the order.

For more on the proposed exception process ,be sure to check out Microsoft's full letter.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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